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  • Friday, 25 May 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 25th May 2018 Episode Written Update "Anika reveals About her Pregnancy Shivaay Supports her

     Ishqbaaaz 25th May 2018 Episode Written Update "Anika reveals About her Pregnancy Shivaay Supports her 

    Episode Start with Shivaay and Anika dancing with Kids and Shivaay drops the Kid and Everyone get Shocked and They come to Shivaay.

    Anika asks SHivaay what Happen Next? He tells After that Our Kids grow and we grow up Old and then this happens to them and Goes On.
    Gauri Explains the Feeling of becoming Parents and How Journey Go on with Kids Ruvya and Omkara Seeing Dream how they are Playing with Their Kid and Taking Selfie.

    Gauri Goes on How You Feel when Kid 1st Time will Say, Papa,
    Flashes, where Shivaay and Anika with Kids and Shivaay tell Anika That Shivika, Tells Papa But Anika get angry that Every Kid Say Mumma But why She is Saying Papa Shivaay teases Her.
    Flashes Go On with Omkara and Rudra too and They Seem Happy Anika is Happy too She tells Gauri You are Right Those all Moments will be Khidkitod.

    Gauri asks Shivaay How Can You Take Away this Right from Anika. Shivaay tells I am not saying That You are wrong or I am Wrong I am Saying that Couple Shout becomes Parents only when they are Ready Not in Pressure.
    He tells his Point that In Movies they Show Only Good side or Parenthood, not Bad Said Every relation changes in Parenthood Even Mother-Father’s Relation too.

    Gauri’s Flashes: Gauri is Handling Their Child Rikara and Omkara is Searching His Sketchbook and He Asks His In Anger where is his Sketchbook and Brushes She Says Rikara Puts In Mouth Omkara gets Angry when Gauri is not Paying Attention He takes Out his anger that from the time She born You Life revolves around her not mine She Shouts Back In anger that You can take Care of your But She can’t In Anger He tells If he Would Know This will Happen he will never Say yes for Child.
    Flashback End and Omkara and Gauri are Scared of this thought.
    Same Happened with Bhavya and Rudra and They have Flashes About their Child Ruvya how they Fight over their Kid.
    Last not the Least Shivaay and Anika and Shivika’s Flashes where Anika comes to Shivaay and tells Shivaay That Please make her sleep She is not Sleeping Shivaay tells That Please Manage Tonight I have Meeting tomorrow Morning Anika gets Angry that I manage her All Day and Night I don’t even Know when Sun Rises and Sets.
    Shiva at takes her from Anika and tells Her That From tomorrow you go to office I will take Care of her is that Fine With You.
    Anika tells I am trying to Say My problem why are you Taunting me Shivaay Shouts You were not Ready for Nanny they Fight over this Shivaay tries to make her calm Anika takes her Baby in her arms and they access each-other that they have changed Both Fights that they will Leave this Place.
    Flashes End and Shivaay Anika tell Each other that they never want to Fight with each-other.
    Rudra and Bhavya are Agree with Shivaay Dadi ask Gauri and Omkara She tells that They Never Talk about this But yes She wants to Become Mother One day because this makes Relationship Strong I am Agree with Shivaay But I See Kids as God’s Avatar. Omkara Agrees with Gauri with He adds that I never want to become like my Father I never want my child to see what I and Rudra faced.
    Shivaay Says you will be Proud Father Dadi tells Shivaay What you have Said is Right and On today’s Situation May be this is Right and About me, I am Old Fashion but I never force you. Yes, I am Dying to Become Granddaughter and I will be Happy If Anika will give me this Happiness.
    Anika gets tears in her Eyes and She About to Leave Shivaay Stops her and asks her I Know You Are not Ready Shivaay asks and You?
    She leaves without Saying anything Shivaay follows her and sees her She is sitting with Some Clothe Shivaay asks her are you angry She tells No I know You have Said what you have in Heart So Its Good You Told me.
    He comes to her and Asks her why are you crying She wipes and He asks what are you hiding She Gives Him Bag with Written Shivaay Junior on it He looks in the room a Small crib
    He asks what is All this then he Understands He asks her that in The Morning You were Saying me this She tells I hide this and You Explained to me what the timing we have.
    She tells him She is not Sure Yet But Now She Knows You don’t want Baby I will But She Cut off her and tells don’t you dare You Listen my all thing what you bear you should tell me He Assures her that Now what is Going to happen let it be I am with You and I will prepare myself.
    They hug and Anika Cry In his Arms.

    Precap : Shivaay is waiting for Anika to come Out She comes out with Pregnancy test.

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