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  • Friday, 25 May 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th May 2018 Episode Written Update "Pihu meets Ishita Raman's Anger Bursts On Ishita"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th May 2018 Episode Written Update "Pihu meets Ishita Raman's Anger Bursts On Ishita"

    The episode starts with Pihu Knocks on the Door and Shouts Open the Door, Give me her Address Param writes on Papers and Gives to pihu Who Becomes so happy with this She reads Letter that Door lock is Broken Run away Before anyone sees you.

    Param breaks the Lock and Switches off the Light Pihu gathers some money and Clothes in her bag and thinks Ruhi helped her she sneaks out Carefully Param Looks her going out.
    Raman is Drinking and remembering what Pihu Said He Breaks the Bottle on the Floor in anger.

    Ruhi is talking to Mihika and Romi That Raman is not doing Right with Pihu He is taking out all anger’s on Pihu But Romi is watching his phone and Mihika tells That I will Make Her understand and Consoles Her But Ruhi tells That Why everyone wants to make pihu understand she is so Small So doesn’t need to understand anything.

    Romi tells He is Going Out Mihika Tries to Stop But He tells he has meeting with Clients and Mihika Gets Upset But Ruhi consoles her He has so many responsibilities.
    Mihika tells her that I will go and See Dinner is ready or not Ruhi thinks I have to take Pihu to Ishi Maa anyhow.

    Ishita is talking with Roshni she is telling her to take care of herself Roshni asks her if everything is okay Ishita lies that She went to see something for the clinic and feels guilty for lying to her.
    Ishita gets Surprised to see pihu She Hugs her and Pihu thinks If she tells ishi Maa truth then Surely she will send her home back.
    Ishita asks her what happened to your hand But Pihu says nothing Pihu Says Ruhi di dropped me and About this, I Slipped at House Ishita takes her inside and asks  Did Papa Allowed you?
    She lies again yes and Changes the Topic quickly that I am Hungry Ishi takes her to Kitchen And Pihu Checks the Freezer that All is empty that Means You were Sleeping without Eating.
    Ishita Lies But Ruhi Catches her Lies Ishi Asks What you want to Eat?
    Pihu says Aloo Paratha Ishita hugs her and they start Preparing Aloo Paratha.
    At Bhalla House
    Mrs. Bhalla Distribute Prasad to everyone and She Sees Raman came home Fully Drunk Both Mr. Bhalla and Mrs. Bhalla Sgout on him that How can he lock her own daughter Mrs. Bhalla takes the Key and Ruhi goes with her they get Shocked to see Lock is Broken.
    They go inside and Search her and Sees Messes in the Room Mrs. Bhalla tells Let me tell Raman But Ruhi Stops her and tells I will find out Mrs. Bhall Prays to god to keep her safe.

    There Ishita Prepares Aloo Paratha and Ruhi helps her Ishita Feeds her with hands and They Share very beautiful moments.
    Raman asks Ruhi and Mrs Bhalla why Didn't Pihu came They Lie But Raman Goes to Bring her himself Mrs Bhalla Tells Him That She run away because of you.
    Raman Shouts on Ruhi But She Says She has No idea He Gets the Point and tells them I Know Where is Pihu.
    At Ishita House Some Goons come and they Start Throwing Things Pihu and Ishita Gets Scared Ishita tells Them to leave Otherwise She will call Police.
    Raman Comes and Tells Ishita That I Know Pihu will be Here You are teaching her all this She Run Away from House Ishita gets Shocked to Listen this.
    Raman Sees Family Photos and He gets Angry and throws the Photo Pihu tries to Stop Him and She tells Him the Truth that Ishi Maa doesn't Know I told her that I came with Ruhi di.
    Raman breaks so many things and tells Ishita that Now She Knows what can he do ?
    Ruhi,Mr Bhalla and Mrs, Bhalla come to Stop Him But He is Out of control Mrs Bhalla Taunts Ishita Ruhi tries to Support her But Raman tells her that Don't Call her Mother Your Mother has Dies.
    Ishita is Heartbroken to Listen all this.

    PRECAP : Roshni asks Who did this ? Ishita tells this is Raman’s Anger Roshni tells her to come with to Banglore Ishita tells we can’t take Risk You are going to Be Mother of Adi’s Child.

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