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  • Wednesday, 9 May 2018

    Shivaay-Anika’s Tie Romance Sahil’s Entry Surprise for Anika Ishqbaaaz SBB/SBD 9th May Video and WU

    Shivaay-Anika’s Tie Romance Sahil’s Entry Surprise for Anika Ishqbaaaz SBB/SBD 9th May Video and WU
    Segment Start with Shivaay is Getting Ready for His Meeting with Japanese and Anika is Blabbering, as usual, He Turns His Side to Anika Who Corrects his Tie and They have Eye-Lock But Shivaay’s concentration only to Impress Japanese Clients.

    Anika Tells Shivaay By Singing “Mera Joota Hai Jaapani Song “ and She Starts Dancing On the Same song Shivaay rolls His eyes but He is happy to See His Old Anika Back Again.
    There on DownStair One Jeweller comes to Give Jewellery to Shivaay But He Sees Pinky is Sitting on Couch So he Gives Jewellery to her.

    Pinky was Sulking That No Body Remember Her Bday So She gets Excited to See Jewellery She Thinks May Be Shivaay will Give this to her But Shivaay takes The Box and Tells her that This for Anika and Pinky Gets Angrier.

    After some time Dadi too comes Back to Oberoi Mansion and Everyone Hugs her Pinky is Not Restless that Nobody Remember her Bday.

    Anika and Shivaay come and Anika Hears Sahil’s voice She Comes and Hugs Him Shivaay to comes and Hugs Him Anika Looks at Shivaay and Gives Thanks with Signaling with Eyes.
    Now, This is Limit for Pinky She Blasted her Anger on Shivaay That How Can He Forget her Bday But Shivaay Has Others Plans.

    He Switches on the Light and Pinky Gets Shock to See Everyone Singing Bday Song for her and Gauri-Bhavya comes with Cake (We Already Updated this )
    But Reporter Shows Another Scene where Bhavya is Disturb and Rudra is asking her and Same happening with Gauri and Omkara too.

    Today is Also Pinky’s Last Day Shoot She is pregnant in real Life and Taking Break from Shoot for her Pregnancy.Director Gives her Pink Saree as Farewell gift too. 

    Must Watch both Segments



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