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  • Wednesday, 9 May 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Raman-Ishita's Romantic Moments"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Raman-Ishita's Romantic Moments"

    Raman Thinks about Cheering up Ishita’s Mood he takes out Blue color Dress and Tells Neeru to iron it He Places Dress for her on Bed When She comes Out of Washroom She asks what Is this.

    He gives her Dress and Earnings too She gets So happy Raman tells Her to Go and Get Ready I have another Surprise.
    She comes out Fully Dressed and Raman Starts the Song On Music Player and They Dance and Tease Each Other He makes her Wear the Earnings and They Share Very Cute Moments with Other Each.

    After that Ishita Hugs him and Asks him what is this He Says “Romance” She Asks why He tells Her that You are so Busy In Clinic and work Soi thought Why Not This Cute Little time for us.

    She tells Him That You are Most romantic Husband in the world He Hugs her and Tells her to get ready he is Dropping her.
    Aliya comes to Iyer House with Payasam and She tells Madhavi that Mrs. Bhalla Send this She gets Emotional and tells her that she is going to talk with Santoshi and Aliya goes to Freez to put inside.

    Shravan Meets her and asks her About Phone She Says No And She Also tell That I asked Adi too and he told me he didn’t buy any you Killed all my excitement and She Leaves.
    Sharvan thinks about the Day He heard Aditya Bhalla’s Name and thinks About for whom he Bought that Phone Because he has the same phone.
    Roshni is Getting late for Work and she gets Call that She is terminated she asks the reason But Got Information That Mr. Abimanyu Raghav Told Him to terminate you.she is upset over this.
    Ruhi Hears Param is Saying I Love You Baby to Someone over the phone and He is Meeting with her somewhere she decides to follow him.
    Roshni Goes to consultancy for new Job Ishita comes to the Same Place and she Hears Roshni is talking to them for Job.
    Ishita comes to Roshni and she tells her that She Heard all her talk Why didn’t you tell me that You are facing all this Problem She Offers her Job as Her PA.
    Roshni hesitates and Ishita tells her to take time and give me Answer soon.
    Ruhi reaches to the restaurant and She sits Besides Param and One Girl comes and Blasted on Param That How can You Post your Status Single on Dating Site How Dare You and she leaves Param follows Her Ruhi smiles that She got the superb idea.
    Raman is working and his Laptop Gets Crashed and not restarting Ishita comes and He asks her what are you doing here Ishita tells what is this Expression aren’t you happy am I on wrong time.?
    Ishita tells him to Call IT Guy But he is on leave too. Ishita tells him that I will call Ruhi she is an expert in this and She is also In the office today.
    There Ruhi is Checking Same  Dating Site and Searcing Param’s Profile and She gets His Profile She Thinks About to Make A Fake Id and Send him a request.
    She goes out of Cabin to talk to her friend and Same Time Ishita comes and Sees her Laptop and Its Same Time Opened Ishita thinks that Raman will Be Happy when he come to Know That Ruhi is Thinking to Start Her Life again with someone and she leaves.
    Ruhi comes and complete profile and Pray to God that Param Uncle will Accept her Request.
    Roshni informs Adi that ishita Offered her Job She Says she feels so Guilty over their closeness She tells That She wants to tell No to Ishi Maa But What if she will ask me Question What will I tell that I don’t want to be near you even I wanted to return your Phone.and she gives Phone Back and comes out of Car to Leave.
    Adi stops her and gives her phone Back he tells her that Ishi Maa will Respect whatever your decision But I want You to take this Job and I will promise you I won't trouble you. and we will Keep This Relationship But She Cut off him that we have Friendship Not relationship.
    They again Argue over Phone But Adi makes her understand and she tells that She will Send Message to Ishita Maa.
    There Param Accepted Ruhi’s Request and even accept to meet her Ruhi gets Excited that Now Smiriti will meet him and I will expose him and asks him why he is blackmailing Ishi ma.
    There Raman is happy that Ruhi again thinking for herself Ishita is Happy too and she prays that this time she will get A Good Guy Not like Nikhil.

    Precap: Ruhi asks Param the why he is Blackmailing Ishi Maa Raman hears and comes to Him and ask him why he is Blackmailing Her. He beats Him so hard Ishita comes Between and Separate them She tells Raman that he is not Blackmailing me. Raman gets Angry and asks him why are you defending Him. Param tells if I tell You anything your world will get upside down. Raman Again tries to Hit Him But accidentally Ishita Slaps Raman.

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