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  • Wednesday, 9 May 2018

    Naamkarann 9th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Avni Defends Herself in Court "

    Naamkarann 9th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Avni Defends Herself in Court "

    KK asks Kamini why she has done all this to trap Avni. Saisha asks Kamini why she has fallen so much to ruin Avni’s life. Kamini says that Avni has spoilt her life and she is seeking revenge.

     Kamini asks Saisha to warn Avni that she is out of jail. KK is angry with his mother. Mowgli gets flowers for Avni in the morning and other orphanage kids get sandwiches and coffee for her. Saisha also comes there and surprises Avni. Saisha says that she will leave. Avni asks her to stay back for some time. Avni asks Saisha why she looks worried.

     Saisha tells Avni that Kamini is out of jail and she will try to harm her. Avni says that she is not scared as she is used to fighting with such people. Avni asks Saisha not to be tensed for her. Avni drops Saisha to her house and gives her food to eat.Kamini comes there and tells Avni that she wants to ruin her life. Avni tells Kamini that she has ruined her own reputation by getting involved in child trafficking. 

    Kamini tells Avni that she will take revenge and she will take away her loved ones from her. Avni warns Kamini not to harm anyone close to her. Saisha is worried and Avni asks her not to take tension.

    Mitali returns home and sees that the lights in her house are off. Mitali gets surprised to see her house decorated with candles and Neil comes there with a dinner date surprise. 

    Neil tells Mitali that he will never disappoint her from now on. Neil locks up his phone in a chest and tells Mitali that he will only focus on her without any disturbance. Neil tells Mitali that she can choose his clothes. Neil also shows her a scrap book where they will write down their happy moments Neil also gifts her a photo frame. Mitali hugs Neil. Next day, the judge announces that it is last day of Mowgli’s custody case hearing. Avni is called in witness box. Avni apologizes for leaving court midway yesterday after hearing the lawyer’s questions. Avni says that their society always asks questions to illegitimate child. Avni says that she made her own identity and did her own Naamkaran. Avni says that her name should have been Avni Ashish Mehta but since she was illegitimate she dint use that name. Avni says that she never got father’s love which she craved. Avni says she dint get father’s love but she got love from two mothers. Avni says that Aisha brought her up without husband and then Neela raised her very well. Avni says that both Aisha and Neela did not need a man to raise her. Avni says she is illegitimate but no one can raise a finger at her. Avni says that so far, she has come forward in life despite of being illegitimate. Avni appeals to give her Mowgli’s custody as she has the strength to raise him. Avni is asked to return to her seat. Judge asks Neil and his lawyer to say something. Bebe is called to witness box. Bebe says that both Neil and Avni are her children.  Bebe says that Avni has always given love. Bebe says that she cannot choose between Neil and Avni. Shweta is called to witness box. Shweta says that Avni is a good person but her son Neil is suffering since past 10 years being away from his son. Shweta says that Neil will be happy only if he gets Mowgli and Mowgli too will get a family. Shweta says that Avni is always welcome to come to their hosue to meet Mowgli. Shweta says that their house is perfect for Mowgli and therefore he should live with them.

    Precap: Judge announces decision.

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