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  • Tuesday, 29 May 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 29th May 2018 Episode Written Update"Abhimanvyu Misbehaves with Gauri Shivika's Nok-Jhok"

    Ishqbaaaz 29th May 2018 Episode Written Update"Abhimanvyu Misbehaves with Gauri Shivika's Nok-Jhok"

    Episode Start With Anika asks What happened to Rudra He comes Forward and Meets with Abhimanyu he says I won’t Shake hand with you I will Shake Biceps with You.

    Abhimanyu Goes with Media Gauri is Excited She tells Everyone that She will Go to Him and ask for one Selfie.
    Bhavya and Omakara tell them that both Rudra and Gauri are made and Shivaay comes and Introduces Gauri to Abhimanyu by telling him She is Your Big Fan and She wants to take a selfie with You.

    Shivaay Calls By Khanna and Abhimanyu tells Gauri to take Selfie He Flirts with her while Gauri is so nervous around him He Takes Phone with her and Touches her Hand Gauri is Uncomfortable with his Touch.
    He tells her to go in Light for Selfie and while taking Selfie he touches her back Gauri pushes him away he tells her you wanted to take a selfie with me she says Not Like this. I don’t like This way he tells oh okay Every girl want to take Selfie with me this way.

    They take normal selfie she is happy But He leans down to her face and tells her in-ear that he is not happy and She will understand soon.
    She is confused and Anika comes and asks her what Happened? Gauri Shruggs her thoughts Maybe this is normal for him.
    She shows her pic to Anika and Anika Asks Howz He? Gauri Shares That he is Bit Strange Anika agrees with Him and She tells Stars are Like this But I know how to Bring them on Earth.

    Anika comes to shivaay and takes him away from guest She tells Him that She is angry and you are talking to guest like this.
    He tells her you always Be in your so Many Moods today is Your angry Mood. She gets madder and She tells My Blood is Boiling Now.
    He Stops her and Says You are Stupid She Catches Him and tells You to call me Stupid? he tells her that All this Drama because I didn’t compliment you. She gets angrier And Leaves Shivaay thinks How Nautanki she is.
    Omkara and Roshni are talking about Art and She tells him to Show Him His Paintings Just Then Abhimanyu comes and tells I too want to come he Tells Omkara to call you wife Omkara Calls Gauri and tells her to Join Them.
    Roshni is impressed and Abhimanyu watches Rikara and He asks Omkara who is his Inspiration He tells That Gauri is My Inspiration.
    Abhimanyu Flirts again that No surprise your Inspiration is this Beautiful then you Painting will be more beautiful. Gauri thinks that He is talking In front of his wife like this.Maybe he talks Like this.
    Omkara takes Roshni to show Other Paintings Gauri thinks to go from here She about to Walk Her earing Fall on the Ground She about to take But Abhimanyu Holds her hand and tells her your hands are so beautiful and I love beautiful things.
    He Holds her by Shoulder and tells her that I am giving You so much attention that’s why You are showing me this Attitude She pushes him away and tells him to behave otherwise ..He cuts her off and tells what will you do Call your husband who is Busy with my wife.
    He wants to Sell His art to impress my wife which is so Hard But to Impress me its Easy Impress me I will tell my wife for your husband and He Again Holds her She tries hard to come Out But he is not letting her go Just then One Waiter come and Gauri runs away from there.

    he chases her right inside Oberoi mansion. Shivay looks for Anika to make an apology. He gets a letter from Anika, and learns that she has left the house. Anika pulls his leg by hiding inside the room. She wants to see if her leaving affects Shivay or not. She expects him to call her. Shivay informs Khanna to confirm all his meetings, as he got tension free since Anika has left. She gets upset with Shivay.
    Gauri comes to Room and She Finds Him Locking the Door. Abhimanyu tries to molest Gauri. He turns creepy. Gauri tries to seek help from the family. She attempts to save herself.

    PRECAP : Shivaay Gives Compliments to Anika By dedicating her Poem.

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