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  • Tuesday, 29 May 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th May 2018 Episode Written Update "Raman Makes Ishita jealous with His Selfie"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th May 2018 Episode Written Update "Raman Makes Ishita jealous with His Selfie"

    Episode Start with Ishita shows Roshni her rooms She is so happy to see the room She Says Its so Beautiful You Decorate house so Beautifully.

    Ishita makes her sit on the bed and comes with a Family photo and tells Roshni that She wants Baby to Know About his/her Family. She has done all this for you and Adi’s Child.
    Ishita tells her I send you one Music Link whenever you Feel alone listen that Music You will Feel Happy She tries to Hide her Sadness from Roshni But She tells Her that I Know You Are trying to Hide your Sadness But You are Upset Because the way Raman Uncle Talked to you.

    There Ruhi and Aliya are talking and Ruhi says That She is Really Upset that Shagun Mom Hates Pihu Aliya Suggests her that we shouldn't let Pihu meet with Shagun Amma Because In anger if she tells Anything Pihu then it will be Bad for Pihu.
    Ruhi Suggests that We should Talk to Ishi Maa But Aliya Says we don’t go to Ishita Maa Because she is with Roshni She Left all us and Living with Her. She Shares her point of view that she is Not Angry because She Killed Adi I am Upset from her because she Left us Because of Roshni.

    There Ishita gives Soup to Roshni But She tells No Ishita tells This is Adi’s Favorite Soup our Little Adi is Hungry Let him Feed. Roshni asks Her You Loved Adi so Much? She Nods and tells he was my son.
    Aliya is taking out her anger that Ishita maa is with that Roshni who Cheat with Adi Everyone Says That Roshni has No Fault But She was wringing She encouraged Him that’s why they reach this Level.

    Ruhi calms her down that You Know Roshni is Pregnant with Adi’s Child she tells Ruhi Yes I Know What I feel when I hear this and Still Ishi Maa with her I never forgive Roshni Never.
    Ishita Recalled the Scene After she shot down Adi.
    They take him to the hospital where Doctor takes him to OT. Shagun Tells Ishita to leave Because she is Killer she Killed her son.
    Ishita Stands in Corner Raman comes and Asks her what Happened to Adi Doctor Call Adi’s Parents inside Raman Goes Inside But Shagun Stops her and Goes inside.
    Raman gets Shocked to See Adi is lying Lifelessly on Bed Raman tries to wake him up Doctor consoles Him Shagun is crying Raman tells her to Stop crying She cries and shouts Your Ishita Killed her he is Shocked to Listen This Doctor tries to controls him he broke down on Adi’s chest tries to wake him up.
    He comes Out In Anger and Asks Ishita How Dare You Shoot Him With Gun He tells her that I will Kill her Police come and Stops Raman. Ishita is Shocked and Police Arrested Her.
    Raman and Aliya broke Down Shagun come to Aliya.
    Police is taking ishita in van But Roshni tells Police that Adi was Attacking me she saved Me From Him She is Shocked and About to Sit In The Van Roshni tells her while crying that You have to Fight for Me and Adi’s Baby.
    She turns Back and tells Roshni that I will come back for you and Adi’s Child.
    Flashback End.

    She tells Roshni that Raman is trying to hurt her, as he isn’t able to forget his sorrow. She wishes Raman’s pain ends. Raman meets a woman in the pub. He tells her that he hates Ishita a lot. He asks her to send their picture to Ishita, so that he can turn her jealous. He wants to show Ishita that he has moved on and now she has no value in his life. Ishita gets hurt seeing the picture. Roshni feels Raman is doing wrong with Ishita by hurting Ishita this way. Ishita tells her that Raman is suffering a lot, so he wants to reduce his pain by doing such things. She asks Roshni not to blame herself, as it was all Adi’s mistake.

    Roshni feels guilty that she is the reason for Bhalla family drifting apart. Roshni apologizes to Ishita for ruining Adi and Aaliya’s marriage, and also the relations in Bhalla family. Ishita tells Roshni that Adi was wrong to cheat his wife, when he tried to ruin Roshni’s life on her rejection, when he has turned into a devil. She didn’t wish to kill Adi, but feels sorry to take his life. She asks Roshni and her child to have a better future. She is hopeful that Raman and Bhallas will melt down on seeing Adi’s little child.

    PRECAP : Ishita Feels Strange that Something Bad is Going to Happen.Raman tells that lady that he doesn’t want to do anything with her he is Giving Pain to that lady who gave Pain to Him. He is Drinking and Ishita is Sitting on Floor near the bed.

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