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  • Thursday, 10 May 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 10th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Pinky's Bday,Anika-Shivaay's Tie Romance"

    Ishqbaaaz 10th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Pinky's Bday,Anika's Cute Moments with Shivaay"

    Shivay and Anika return to Oberoi Mansion after shopping, Shivaay tells Anika to take Bags Inside He gets Khanna’s Call Same Time Pinky comes with kheer for him, Shivaay says he is full and has to prepare for the party.

     Pinky Murmurs No time for Mother and she gets upset, Shivaay Stops her and He eats it from her hand and Tells her that No One Can Make Better then you Pinky Gets Excited Pinky tries to remind him of her birthday, Shivaay walks away with Kheer for Anika. Dadi finds Pinky crying, Pinky complains that Shivaay has forgotten her. Pinky says she is happy to see Shivika together but it is sad that Shivaay forgot his mother. 

    Dadi consoles her and tells Pinky to confront Shivaay. Pinky scolds Shivaay and says she is very angry with him, she remembers Shivaay's first childhood birthday wish, Pinky stops Anika from intervening. Pinky cries saying Shivaay forgot her birthday. Shivaay snaps his finger, suddenly lights brighten up, everyone sings Happy Birthday for pinky, she remains shocked. Pinky cries an hugs Shivaay. The flashback shows Shivaay planning surprise for Pinky in secret. 

    Anika brings Pinky's gift, Anika shows her the neckpiece, Shivaay puts it on Pinky. Pinky gets emotional as Shivaay says even if he is married, Pinky is important to him. Pinky apologizes to Anika for being insecure. Pinky cuts the cake, all celebrate. In the morning, Rudra gets upset to have very fewer likes on his social media photos. Rudra tells Bhavya that kissing photos get most likes, Bhavya asks does Rudra keep checking social media whole day. Bhavya tells Rudra that love on Social Media is not real, she knows as she has handled cybercrime. Rudra says, real love, can be shown on social media too. Bhavya disagrees.

    Shivaay instructs his team for the upcoming Japanese delegation in his office. Anika starts giving him ideas. Shivaay says the meeting is very important to him and he has to maintain his image. Omkara tells Gauri that he posted his exhibition event on Social media and got a very good response. Gauri boosts his confidence. Gauri says she will not go with him for the exhibition as she doesn't want to embarrass him. Omkara apologizes to her and says he wants the world to know how important Gauri is to him. Omkara shares a cheek kiss with Gauri, takes selfie and shares on social media. Gauri gets annoyed with him. Omkara starts getting many likes on social media. Rudra takes Bhavya with him to make her protein. Anika looks for Sahil. Omkara gets a call for an interview after seeing his photo. He tells Gauri to get ready. Photographers click Omkara and Gauri's photos. Anika and Ruvya get confused. Media questions Omkara about his intimate photo with Gauri. Omkara says he wants to show the world that Gauri is important to him. Anika feels happy.

    PRECAP : Shivaay and Anika’s Dance on “Tujhko Mirchi Lagi to Main Kya Karu”

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