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  • Thursday, 10 May 2018

    Naamkarann 10th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Neil wins Custody Avni is Heartbroken "

    Naamkarann 10th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode"Neil wins Custody Avni is Heartbroken "

    Lawyer calls Prakash to the witness box. Prakash says that he does not want to give any of his opinion in this case. Lawyer says that Avni does not have the financial stability which a child needs. 

    Lawyer says that Neil’s family can give Mowgli a good life because of their financial condition. Lawyer also says that Neil is getting married to Mitali and therefore Mowgli will get the love of a mother. Judge says that the final verdict will be given after lunch break.

    All orphanage kids worry for the court case. Mowgli hears this and says that he wants to stay here with all of them. Prakash meets Avni outside court. Prakash tells Avni that he is proud of her as she told the truth in front of all. Prakash says that it is best for Mowgli to live with her. Prakash says that this time Neil is wrong and he should realize his mistake soon. 

    Judge gives his decision saying that Mowgli’s custody should be given to his father Neil. Judge says that Avni is allowed to meet Mowgli once a week. Neil cries seeing Avni. Neil goes towards Avni but Shweta stops her and says that Avni will not be able to handle it if he talks to her. Avni asks her lawyer when she has to send Mowgli. Avni goes to Ayesha’s grave and says that she tried so hard to save her son. Avni says that whoever she loves gets taken away from her. Avni says she has lost Mowgli the same way she lost her and Neela.

     Avni goes home and sees Mowgli’s toys. Avni tells Sunehri that they have to pack Mowgli’s things. Avni worries for Mowgli and breaks down. Avni thinks how she will live without Mowgli. Mitali arranges Mowgli’s room. Neil asks Mitali is she is fine with all this and whether she is ready to handle a 9 year old boy. Mitali says she is happy to do all this. Prakash sees Mitali and Neil together arranging Mowgli’s room. Prakash tells Neil that she should know that the toys and decorations are not what Mowgli needs. Mowgli asks Avni why she is sad. Mowgli says that he wants to live only with her. Avni tells Mowgli that now he has to live with his papa. Mowgli refuses and hugs Avni. Mowgli says that he does not want to go. Avni say that his papa loves him a lot. Mowgli asks why is he separating him from her. Avni asks Mowgli whether he wants judge and police to be angry with her. Mowgli asks why he cannot live with both her and papa. Mowgli says that he will not have his friends there. Avni says that she will get his friends to meet him. Avni brings ice-cream for Mowgli. Mowgli says that if he eats too much ice-cream then he will catch a cold and he will want to be with her if he is sick. Mowgli refuses to eat the ice cream as he cannot be with her. Avni requests Mowgli to eat the ice cream. Avni and Mowgli feed each other ice cream. Next day, Neil comes to sukoon ghar. Mowgli hides behind Avni. Lawyer says that they have come to take Mowgli. Avni says she will pack his last bag. Everyone hugs Mowgli. Mowgli tells everyone that he will come to meet them. Sunehri gives Mowgli a gold chain as gift. Avni cries and Mowgli says he will not leave if she cries. Avni asks Mowgli to stay there properly.

    Precap: Avni tells Neil that he understood her but gave her the biggest pain by taking away her son. Avni tells Mitali that she is going to be Neil’s wife but she can never by Mowgkli’s mother as she is Mowgli’s mother.

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