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  • Friday, 27 April 2018

    Naamkarann 27th April 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Avneil At court For Mowgli's Custody"

    Mowgli is about to call Avni as Mummy in front of other kids but stops himself. The couple comes who wants to adopt Jeetu. All kids hug Jeetu and cry. Avni thinks she can’t lose Mowgli. Lawyer informs Kamini that her work is done. Kamini says that she had warned Avni she would not spare her. Saisha comes to meet Avni and Avni asks her whether she is happy. Mowgli tells Avni in her ears that he will never leave her. Avni thinks about Neil asking for Mowgli’s custody. 

    Saisha tell Avni that she heard Kamini talking on the phone and she must be plotting against her. Later, Avni cries and tells Sunehri that Neil will take his revenge from her for his anger. Avni says that she does not have a lawyer or money to fight a case. The doorbell rings and Avni sees that it is a lawyer who says that he will fight her son’s custody case for her. 

    Avni says that she has not hired him but lawyer says that she has a well-wisher who wants to help her. Avni wonders who is the well-wisher? Neil’s family and Avni come to court. Neil’s lawyer tells the judge that Avni came to know she is pregnant 10 years back but she did not inform her husband. Neil comes to the witness box and says that he wants his son. Neil says that he wants to make up for the time he has lost with his son. 

    Neil says that he has everything what his son needs for his comfort. Neil says that his son has been leading his life as an orphan for so many years. Avni’s lawyer says that Avni will speak out for herself. Avni comes to witness box and says that she has done wrong against Neil but she is Mowgli’s mother and she knows him best. Avni says that Mowgli is used to her and he will not be able to live without her.

     Neil demands Avni why she has kept Mowgli away from him for the past 10 years. Avni says that she had her own reasons. Neil says that she always has her reason which may be wrong. Avni and Neil have an argument and Judge reprimands them. Avni says that Mowgli will go into trauma. Neil says that Avni is a manipulator and a betrayer and her behavior can affect his son. Judge says that the proceedings will be continued the next day. Avni meets Neil outside court and pleads him not to take away Mowgli from her. Neil tells Avni that she does not deserve to have Mowgli. Prakash supports Avni but Shweta says that Avni is wrong and she brought up their grandchild as an orphan. Avni tells Neil that Mowgli will get badly affected by their fight. Avni says that they will come up with a solution amid them. Neil says that only the court will give them a solution. Avni returns home and Sunehri says that she had not expected Neil to stoop so low. Mowgli shows Avni a drawing where he and Avni are alone in a house. Avni says that Neil hates her and will take revenge from her. Doorbell rings and Neil comes there. Neil says that he has got court orders and he has got permission to spend one day with Mowgli. Avni tells Neil that he could have approached her directly. Avni says that Mowgli will not be comfortable with him alone. Neil says he does not need her permission. Avni calls Mowgli to come. Neil calls Mowgli tiger but Mowgli hugs Avni. Avni tells Mowgli that he will have to live with Neil for a few days. Mowgli angrily refuses and geos away. Neil gets angry.

    Precap: Avni asks Neil whether he knows anything about Mowgli’s likes or dislike. Avni says that she may not be able to give comforts to Mowgli but she is a good mother to him.

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