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  • Friday, 27 April 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th April 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Ishita Supports Raman"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th April 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Ishita Supports Raman"

    Raman comes to talk with Shravan and he Asks Sharvan How He Got that Card But He doesn’t say any Name Raman tells Him That I am Saying Name of People You Just Say Yes or No and He tells Param Name and He Nods.

    Raman gets Angry and asks Him how can you do this You Know How Cheap He is and How He is Blackmailing Your Father.
    Shravan Tells Him That He is in Trouble he took Money from Friends How can he will give them.Raman Gives him Money and Tells Him to Start Fresh.

    Raman Warns Him Not to use the money for Bad Habits After Raman leaves Shravan Laughs That He Got Another Pawn for Money.
    There Ishita calls Neha and asks About Appointment Letter of her recruitment and She asks photo of Appointment Letter and She convinces her to send her and Neha Agress and Sends her Letter.

    Ishita Checks Logo and Raman’s Sign and She is worried that this is Same Fraud Logo and I have to Warn Raman And Neha too.
    Mani calls Ishita to come Home Urgently it's About Aliya and Aditya She Leaves.
    Mani tells her everything and He is Angry on Adi he tells Aliya not to go again to Adi But Ishita Tells May Be this is Some Misunderstanding and Aditya is Culprit then why Aliya will Suffer She will Go Home.

    She Tells Aliya that You are my Daughter I will Fight for you Lets Go Home and talk with Aditya Once She Agress and ishita promises Mani That She will Solve this But Aliya tells Her that She doesn’t need to do anything Its Time for herself to Stand and Solve this Problem.
    Roshni tells Adi that She is so sorry Whatever Happened She must leave But Adi tells her Not to go He Need her as Friend Raman comes and Tells Adi to come Inside He Shouts On him that Mani tells Ishita everything do u want to Create Scene here.
    Raman Leaves and Inside when Adi comes He Burst His anger on Him Aliya and Ishita comes and Aliya takes Adi to their Room for talk privately.
    Ishita tells Raman that Aliya wants to Deal Herself Raman is worried for them that How can this trust issues come between them.
    Ishita asks Him Same and He asks her What did you want to say .

    Ishita then confronts raman about Sonakshi’s issue. She shows him the fake letterheads. Raman is shocked that someone is using his company name and forged signatures and that’s how Sonakshi was tricked. ishita tells that Neha is also got a fake appointment letter. raman says this man is doing a big racket in my company’s name. Ishita asks that you had appointed Sonakshi.

    She says i had heard you when you were talking on the phone about her suicide, raman says listen to full story, he says i wanted Sonakshi to stay in India and do job here as she was more qualified, he says i am also shocked in this matter. They think who is behind this scam.Aaliya tells Adi lets not talk now as i don’t want Raman and Ishita to be tensed and we both are angry now. Adi continues to talk and says you took out my anger on Roshni, he says this matter will not solve until you say sorry to Roshni. He says don’t think too much of yourself that you got a big contract with you presentation.

    Raman says its not an outsider but an insider, someone who knows me well and my habit and has done this fraud. ishita says i thought it is Param, but he was involved in other scams that time. he says we have to take Aarushi’s help, Ishita says she doesn’t trust you, she won’t help. Raman says we have to explain to her by going to her place.Raman meets Aarushi that i know what happened to Sonakshi was wrong, i also wnat to find the culprit, i need you help, Ishita says please aarohi, raman needs your help.

    PRECAP : Raman comes with Arushi in Pooja and Kiran gets Shock to See her she tells Everyone that this Girl is Sonakshi and ishita and Other Gets Shocked to Listen this.

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