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  • Tuesday, 27 March 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 27th March 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Anika Helps Veer He Kidnaps Bhavya"

    Anika puts Chunri on Bhavya, AniRiYa get emotional, Bhavya takes Anika's blessings. Anika hopes that Bhavya and Rudra' wedding takes place without any problem. Anika remembers Veer threat and hides Bhavya's Kajal, she tells Gauri that it is missing, Gauri goes to get her Kajal. Anika sees Shivaay outside Bhavya's room and silently apologizes to Bhavya for having to listen to Veer to save Shivaay. Anika thinks that anyhow she will get Bhavya married to Rudra. 

    veer signals Anika, she opens the door for him. Bhavya gets shocked to see Veer, Veer closes BHavya's mouth with kerchief, Bhavya begs for Anika's help and holds her hand, Anika let goes of Bhavya's hand, Bhavya becomes unconscious, Veer throws her off the ground, Anika gets restless. 

    Anika sees Bhavya's anklets, takes them off and cries, she puts roller skates on Bhavya's feet as instructed by Veer. Jhanvi asks Gauri to help her, Gauri gives Kajal to Shivaay and asks him to deliver it to Bhavya. Veer takes Bhavya with her, Bhavya is seen in ordinary clothes. 

    Veer comes in front of Shivaay hiding Bhavya and to cover up. Shivaay gets suspicious but walks away. Veer comes to Bhavya and feels happy that Rudra will marry Soumya and Shivaay will be defeated.

    Shivaay comes in Bhavya's room, Anika gets shocked, he gives her the Kajal. Anika apologizes to Shivaay, Soumya is seen in Bhavya's attire. Jhanvi assigns some duties to Shivaay, Jhanvi asks to see Bhavya, Anika stops her and says she will see Bhavya only after the wedding. Shivaay and Omkara bring Rudra, Anika and Gauri bring Soumya, Jhanvi does aarti for them. Oberoi family leaves for the wedding venue. Shivaay and Omkara bring Rudra to the Mandap, Roop joins happily, Veer watches them. Oberoi family dances happily around Rudra. Men of Oberoi family bring Bhavya towards the Mandap, Anika gets shocked and worried. Jhanvi and Pinky miss Dadi. Anika gets determined to inform Shivaay abour Bhavya and Soumya's swap. Svetlana joins in for the wedding and meets Tia. Tia warns Svetlana against Shivaay and tells her to leave. Svetlana says Tia is thinking wrong and tells her Rudra is getting married to Soumya. Tia gets shocked. Tia sees Soumya's reflection in the Kalash waterand gets shocked. Anika gets close to shivaay as Soumya and Rudra exchange garlands, Anika thinks of ways to stop the wedding desperately. Anika thinks that Shivaay will never forgive her if Rudra gets married to Soumya.

    Precap: Anika Tries to Distract Shivaay By telling Him to see her Mehandi But he tells her that marriage is More important then this..Anika thinks that she has to Stop this Marriage otherwise Rudra-Bhavya's Life will destroy Suddenly Light Goes off.

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