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  • Tuesday, 27 March 2018

    Naamkarann 27th March 2018 Written Update Written Episode "Avneil's Fight Together Neil's Anger"

    Avni tells Mitali that she became the cause of her and Neil’s friendship breaking up. Mitali says that her selfishness caused her friendship with Neil getting spoilt. Mitali asks Avni to give her one more chance as she will rescue Saisha and catch the goons who are harassing them. Avni assures Mitali that she will get back her friendship with Neil. Neil and Avni leave together in the car. Saisha helps KK to remove thorn from his hand. 

    Saisha takes care of KK’s wound and KK is mesmerized. Saisha tells KK that she is sure that her mom will come to save her. Avni and Neil reach a jungle. Saisha is sure that her mom will save her. KK says her mom is a timid person. KK and Saisha see the goons and get scared. KK and Saisha run and goons go after them. Saisha falls and gets hurt on her head.

    Saisha becomes unconscious and KK lifts her up and runs from goons. Neil and Avni see the goons. Avni and Neil attack the goons. Neil and Avni fight with the goons. Goons try to stab Neil and Avni saves Neil and beats goons. Neil looks at Avni and remembers her durga avtaar. Avni beats goons. Neil thanks Avni for saving him. Avni says that Avni is dead. KK gets Saisha to a hut and tries to wake her up.

     Reporter calls up KK and he tells her to help them. KK wakes up Saisha and she hugs him. Saisha cries and thinks how they will get out of this. KK reassures Saisha. KK and Saisha share a romantic eye lock. KK kisses Saisha on forehead. KK and Saisha consummate their relationship. It becomes night and Avni and Neil search for KK and Saisha. 

    Neil scolds Avni for hurting him. Neil is furious with Avni for leaving him for 10 years. Neil and Avni share an eye lock. Neil tells Avni that he will go away from her life forever. Kamini calls Neil and tells him that KK’s news is on TV. Kamini asks Neil to find KK before media finds him.

    Precap: Kamini and KK enter sukoon ghar and Kamini say that she wants KK and Saisha to get engaged. Kamini gets shocked seeing Nilanjana/Avni.

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