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  • Thursday, 15 March 2018

    Ishqbaaaz 15th March 2018 Written Update Written Episode

    Episode Start with Shivaay gives Bhaang to Rudra which Rudra mixed in Gujiya and Served to Soumya who eats Gujiya and Shivaay and Rudra’s Plan gets Success
    Shivaay and Omkara Tell Rudra to Ask Soumya’s Plan
    There Veer Does the Same He Serves Gujiya to Anika-Gauri and Bhavya and they love the Gujiya and Bhaang started Effecting them

    When Rosi Rani asks Veer what he will Eat He points towards Jalebi and She comes to take Jalebi Tia who is watching all this Mixes Bhaang and Anika comes and takes the Jalebi and Veer Eats It
    Tia Smiles that Soon Bhaang will Effect Veer and He will Blurt his Plan
    There Bhavya comes with Thandayi and gives to Shivomru and They Love thandayi which has Bhaang Mixed

    There Anika and Gauri are Eating Gujiya and they are now fully under Bhaang Effect Bhavya Joins them and tells them that She Served Bhaang Mix Thandayi to ShivOmRu
    They feed Gujiya to Bhavya too and Now three Girls are full talli
    Bhavya comes to Rudra and Gauri Goes Somewhere she is feeling Dizzy and Veer who is Fully Under Bhaang Effet Follows her he is Seeing three Gauri

    There Anika is Dancing and Searching Shivaay who is watching her every moves
    She comes to Search him but Shivaay takes her to the corner where He Roams His hands over her and she asks what are you doing, where were you and he throws her ponytail and tells her that he wants his Anika
    There Gauri comes to checks Aryan and She is bit relieved Seeing him Sleeping

    Veer Sees Tia and He tells himself that they Think they can make me Fool I will Find the Kid
    There Anika and Shivaay Spends some romantic moments and Anika Challenges him to Apply her colour without using hand and he accepts her challenge

    There Rudra applies Color to bhavya’s cheeks and She Does Same and They Laugh and Enjoy this moment
    Omkara Throws Color on Guari and She does Same he comes to her and takes her in his arms and Apply color to her arms and all over
    Shivaay comes near Anika and He Rubs his cheeks with Anikas and Completes the Challenge of Applying color without using hands
    Anika tells him that he did same last time and Shivaay Says Will do next and till we are alive She About to go But He Stops and Tells her Now your Turn to Apply color on me
    He takes her in his arms and Swings her Around she takes colors while swinging and Applies to Shivaay’s Cheeks
    He kisses her forehead and She Hugs him tight

    Precap “ Holi Celebration Contuining Bua Shouts on veer and soumya that you couldn’t handle small Kid Veer tells her that he will find and Complete DNA task Today

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