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  • Thursday, 15 March 2018

    Naamkarann 15th March 2018 Episode Written Update Written Episode

    Neil tells Mowgli that he has only listen About Jaan Didi from you and other but never seen her. Mowgli describes Jaan Didi. Mowgli says that Jaan Didi is very Afraid from everything. Mowgli tells him that they are a perfect family. Neil remembers Avni while listing about Jaan didi. Avni is under blankets and Saisha offers to help but she refuses. KK is doing the shooting. Mowgli asks Saisha for Superman and Neil hears them and remembers Mishti. 

    KK does acting like a singer but director cuts the scene. Saisha watches the shooting. Director cuts the scene again and tells KK to do the scene better. KK continues same acting but the director keeps cutting the scene. KK gets frustrated and takes a 5 minutes break. KK tells Neil that he is not able to get the right emotion for the scene. KK asks Neil to teach him to feel the pain of losing a loved one. Neil thinks about losing Avni and tells KK that he cannot help him. KK pleads Neil to help him. Neil agrees to help KK. Neil tells him about the pain of losing a loved one. Sassy asks Neil to do the scene once to teach KK.

    Mitali and Avni's confrontation
    Neil takes KK’s place in the scene and sings like a heartbroken lover. Mitali comes there and see Neil. Avni also sees Neil from behind the door. Neil imagines Avni in front of him and hugging him. Scene ends and everyone claps. Neil has tears in his eyes. KK feels sad and walks away. KK goes to a cafĂ© and Saisha reaches there to cheer him up. 

    KK says that he is a terrible actor. Saisha shows KK messages from his fans and cheers him up. KK says that he has not felt real love and therefore he could not do the scene well. Saisha tells KK that she can help him. Saisha lies that she has studied from acting school and will help him. Avni makes chicken pox dots on her face. Avni is about to leave the room and gets shocked to see Mitali at the door. Neil also comes there so Avni hides. Avni signals Mitali not to tell Neil anything. Neil gives the herbal medicine to Mitali and asks her to give to Jaan Didi. Mitali says that she needs to do police investigation with Jaan Didi and Neil says he cannot come as he is no longer policeman. Mitali confronts Avni and asks her why she has been doing all this for the past 10 years. 

    Avni tells Mitali she cannot make her understand. Mitali asks Avni whether she has been living as Jaan Didi since past 10 years. Mitali demands to know whys she is doing all this. Mitali tells Avni that she took law in her hands and also broke everyone’s heart. Mitali asks Avni how could she destroy Neil’s happiness. Avni pleads Mitali not to tell Neil about her. Avni says that Neil’s family and Neil will never be safe if she is with them. Avni says she had to go away. Mitali asks Avni to tell her everything.

    Precap: Avni reads a letter telling her that her bad blood can never become pure and she will snatch away her house and happiness from her. Avni realizes that Dayawanti is alive.

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