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  • Thursday, 30 November 2017

    OMG Aryan's Truth Reavled Manish is Angry On Suwarna Kaira Supports Suwarna YRKKH UMT 30th November video WU

    Written Update 

    OMG Aryan's Truth Reavled Manish is Angry On Suwarna Kaira Supports Suwarna Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai UMT 30th November video WU

    Segment Start with Aryan is Standing at Goenka House and Manish Gets Shock to Listen Him That He is Suwarna and His Son and Manish Suddenly Fumes and Shouts A Loud That How can Suwarna Do this To him and All The Family

    Just Than Naira comes Running There and She Tries to Take Suwarna’s Side and She Says That Just Listen to her Once Why She Did This But Manish Shows her his Finger and Says That don’t You dare To tell me that She Is Innocent she will Pay for her deed
    Kartik who comes and Kartik drags Suwarna with Him and Shouts On Manish that she is Already Paying

    He Holds Suwarna’s Wrist and Takes her inside the House
    Manish Walks to Them and About to Shout on her But Kartik Cut him off and Says That Aryan Told You Truth But You Know why She did This
    Manish Again Shouts That I don’t want to Know All Know That My Son was In front of me Working Like servant I couldn’t even do anything This is All Because of This Women he points on Suwarna

    Dadi Who was Listing all This Jump to Scene  and She Takes out all her Frustation from year and Accuses  Suwarna  too
    But 1st Time In his Life Kartik Supports Suwarna and He Holds her Hand Naira too comes and Hold her Hand and They Said That They Will Prove her Innocent and Takes her to their Room

    Where Kartik Apologies Suwarna for his All The Past did and She Hugs him

    Must watch This Segment  

    U me aur Tv Segment 

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