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  • Tuesday, 28 November 2017

    Shivaay Transferred Property To Swetlana family Against Shivaay Ishqbaaaz SBS/SBB 28th November Video Wu

    Written Update
    Shivaay Transferred Property To Swetlana family Against Shivaay Ishqbaaaz SBS/SBB  28th November Video Wu

    Segment Start with Everyone in the Hall and Lawyer is reading Statement that I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi Transfered 50% Shares of Oberoi Group to Swetlana Kapoor 

    Swetlana is Sipping her tea and smiling and Other Gets Shock to Listen This 
    Shakti Shouts on Him That how can You do Shivaay Without even consulting to us 
    Dadi Pinky and Jhanvi are asking him why he took this decision Dadi have tears in Her Eyes and Shakti Starts Accusing Him That when Things come to Money you Always Betray Your Brother 

    Shivaay is Hurt to Listen this But He controls His tears While Rudra comes to Him and Hugs Him from Behind 
    Anika Looks at him and sense his Vulnerability 

    in SBB Segment Segment One Scene where Swetlana Gives on tape to Shivaay and He Plays The Tape and shock to see the Video which is related to "Kalyani Mills "

    He Gets Shock to See the Video and he Asks Her What She Wants ??
    She Tells him to Transfer Rudra and Omkara's Share into her Name and He Agrees But She Doesnt Know That  Shivaay Already Discussed this With Rudra and Omkara 
    So her Plan to Create Tiff Between Family and Brother will Be Fail Again 

    Shivaay's Interview He shares the Same Thing That How swetlana Turns the Table and Blackmail him for transfer of the Property But we Brothers are together in this and we will win again 

    Must watch this Segment 

    Saas Bahu aur Betiya (Youtube Link )

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