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  • Tuesday, 31 October 2017

    Naksh-Keerti Reunite Kartik Hugged Naksh Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai SBB 31st October Video WU

    Written Update 

    Naksh-Keerti Reunite Kartik Hugged  Naksh Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai SBB 31st October Youtube Video Wu

    Segment Start with Naksh has tears in His eyes and Keerti too have tears Seeing Naksh Like This Keerti runs to him and Hugs Him and Cries Hard

    Naksh Hugs Her Back and He too Cries Hard
    Kartik and Naira Stand There Too and Both Look at Each Other and Then keesh who are Crying Out Their Pain
    Then Kartik and Naira comes to Them and Kartik Shakes hand then Hugs Him and both Finish the Awkwardness

    Kartik Informs in This His Interview That how This Happen Its Because of Kaira who Decided to let Keerti and Naksh meet and When They come face To face They Finsih Their Differences We Gave USA Papers to Both Because Keerti wanted to Go USA and Naksh Already Decided Something for her But We are Happy That They Finished Their Differences
    Naksh Says yes Finally Everything is okay and Now I wont Waste Time To Sort out problem Like I wasted Before

    After That Scene Shows Where Whole family Came to There and Manish Hugs Naksh and Sort Out Their Differences too
    Everyone whished and waves them and Both Naksh and Keerti Drove off  Naira and Kartik Too Waves Hands To Them with Happy Faces

    But What About Kaira’s Reunite ? In The Segment When naira is waving Hand to keesh..Kartik is Looking Happily towards Naira So Soon They will Also Reunite 

    Must watch this Segment Youtube Link

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