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  • Tuesday, 31 October 2017

    Nel-Avni's Romance at Jungle Naamkarann U me Tv 31st October Video WU

    Written Update 

    Nel-Avni's Romance at Jungle Naamkarann U me Tv 31st October Youtube Video and Written Update 

    Its Segment From Jungle Scene Where Neil Avni and Mihsti are Hidden from Vidhyut and His Goons

    Neil Burns some wood Sticks and Avni Asks what are You doing ?
    He Says We Need to Divert Their Mind That’s why Suddenly Neil Stands Up and Avni Caught Neil’s Wound on His Back and She Tells him to Open His Shirt He Says Its Simple Cut Nothing Serious But Avni Holds his Shairt and Opens His Shirt Button

    Both Lost In Each Other and Feels Awkward and To Manage Situation Neil Says Its No Big deal and If Someone Take Care of My Wound With So Much Love Then It Will be Great
    He Opens His Shirt and Sit down Avni comes to Him and Looks at Neil Who Says So Lovingly That I want to Cage You with me Life Time 

    Avni Looks at his eyes and Says what if I run away he Looks at her and Says I wont let You go
    Both Lost In Each other and Came close But Suddenly Vidhyut’s Goon Arrive and They take Mishti and Avni with Them and Neil is Just Running Behind Their Jeep

    Neil’s Interview : Vidhyut’s Goon Take away Avni and Mishti and I was Surround by Them So I couldn’t do anything After they left I Just run Behind Them

    Now How Will Neil Save Them from Vidhyut Must watch Video Youtube Link

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