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  • Monday, 2 October 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd October Episode 6 Written Update

     Dev Makes Suhana’s Pony tail and Golu makes Fun of him Suhana Says That’s ok but Golu teases Him By Saying That Please make His hair too Mamaji comes and Says Dev to take them School Otherwise You will be late he asks mamaji if You could take care of Shubh he Says You don’t even need to ask me
    Dev takes them to School Where peon doesn’t Allow Them to Enter as they are late Bijoy is Seeing and Wondering why they are Outside of School as School time is already over

    Sonakshi calls and Dev takes after so much time and Lied to her that Suhana and Golu are inside the Class and He is Driving the car
    After the Phone Kids ask why You lied to Sonakshi He Makes Excuse and bijoy Fumes That He is Telling Them Lie
    Golu Says That We should Go Home and Sleep dev Scolds Him and He gets Idea That if we can meet Principle
    There Vicky Give Rose to Elena and tell her how he Shifted His Meeting To Spend Time with her

    Here Dev is Making Excuses why he is Late in front of Principle and Principle Allowed Them to Sit in the class also Warn Not To Repeat This  

    Bijoy Reaches Home and Asha Tries her  hard and After some time Bijoy tells her what dev did he Lied to kids Asha Says I don’t Believe This He is doing This You Should talk to Him and He Says yes he Will talk to Him
    There Suhana again have Stomach Pain and Golu tells her that They Lied Because of her Stomach has Pain She Says You Lied too and her Papa Too

    There Dev Reaches to Sonakshi who has Meeting with Project head who Showed her Kids condition who doesn’t have One Time Meal

    Dev asks why are She so pale and Sad she Shares with Him That Their Kids are So Lucky that they have Everything in Their Life 

    Sona Shares That’s Kids condition with Dev and He Says That’s why she need to Do This work he Says her Now Lighten Your Mood and Give Me Kiss She Says Go Home and Take from Shubh he Stands Up and Says I am Going She Goes to Him and Kisses him On forehead and She tells Him to Pick up the Kids
    Here Bijoy is outside the School and waiting for Dev he is Wondering where is Dev and Kids are Also Not came Out
    He comes inside and Sees Golu is Fighting with Another Kid teacher comes and asks who’s fault Other kids Inform That Golu’s Fault teacher ask Bijoy who is he
    He Tells That He is Grandparent And teacher Tell Him That This is Last Time Next Time she will Suspense Golu

    Here at Home ishwari is handling Shubh and Dev comes to them and he says That You come Early She taunts Him that There is only One women at Home He Looks at her she gives Shubh To Him and Says she is Going to Her Room if You need anything call me
    Dev Places Him Inside the crib and Shubh Start crying again Ishwari comes Back and asks Dev what happen he Says May be he is Sick lets Take Him to Doctor
    Ishwari takes Him from Dev and Checks His Diaper She Tells him that he Did Again Dev asks That He Did again But You Just Changed She Says Kids Do They have Weak Digestion
    Dev asks then How Every time we will Know  ishwari Says Maa knows their Kids need everytime
    Dev Argues only Mother Knows what About father ishwari Says I didn’t create this world its Natural and she Leaves
    After Some time Dev Again Change Diaper and he is Playing with Shubh and His Phone is Vibrating But he doesn’t Listen There Bijoy is trying Dev’s Phone he calls Sona Who Attends and Says That She is in meeting After the hangs Up She Noticed she Listen Kids Voice she Got Panics

    Precap “ Bijoy Scolds Dev and Sonakshi reaches there too She sees Red Mark In Golu’s hand and She Asks Dev what is This he Seems Scared 

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