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  • Monday, 2 October 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 2nd October Written Update

    Pilot comes and Says we need Help Captain Fainted They take Out The Captain and Co-pilot says That He Needs another Pilot I can’t Handle Plane Alone air Hostess Says She will announce But Kartik Says Don’t do this Other wise People will Go Panic
    Kartik Talks to Manish and Convince Him and Air hostess that we Need Each Other help Manish is Hesitated But they don’t have any Option
    Manish Sits on Pilot Place and He Tells Co-pilot That They Both don’t have Professional Experience So we need to Co-operate
    There Suwarna asks Naira where is Manish And Then She Informs Ladies that he is Flying Plane Everyone got panic But Akhilesh assure Them That he is Licenced Pilot and He used to Fly Plane

    Other common People Argue but Naksh handles Them
    There Manish and Co-pilot are Trying Their hard Kartik is also inside Giving his Support to Manish
    After some time Plane finally come out of from Turbulence and Everyone Thanks to God
    Naksh consoles Keerti who is Crying
    Manish Give control to co-pilot and Kartik Gives him Thumbs Up They come Out and Meet The Other Pilot who is now Conscious he thanks Manish But Manish Says All Because of Kartik
    They come inside and Everyone Clapped for Manish and He Nods and Naira comes and Hugs him

    Naira Says Thanks to Him But He Says Its Only Because of Kartik and His Presence of Time he Gave me Strength and Naira comes to Him

    She Hugs him But He thanks her 

    He Says If You didn’t go to take Sweet for Badi Dadi we didn’t even Know about Pilot So Thanks for that Naira Says Everyone has given Their contribute
    Dadi Bua Saa Asks Only 10 Minute to Haldi’s mahurat Rajshree Says That Now Only we can Celebrate After we land
    Keerti is Disappointed But She Controls and Console Dadi and Other Elders
    But Dadi is crying She Says She will come and She Goes Somewhere
    Naira Says if Dadi wants Then we will celebrate on Time Everyone ask how ?
    Naira Says we have Bride, Groom and Haldi too then why would we wait Kartik Says we Need Permission and Same Time Pilot comes and He Says we don’t allow anything Like This Inside the Plane But You helped us So Much So We Allow You before we have to ask Authority But Manish Says we should ask Fellow Passenger once
    Everyone Says yes and Pilot says Send Sweets us too Everyone Clapped

    Dadi comes out from Washroom and she sees Naira and Kartik are Smiling confusingly she comes inside and Surprised to see Plane is Decorated
    Kaira Says Mahurat is Important Then Place Dadi with Tears In eyes Goes to Keerti and caresses her Cheeks But Keerti Says That this all is Naira’s Idea So Thanks To You Naira for Backup Plan
    Dadi Cries Again and Naira consoles her That we have only 10 Minutes So Everyone get ready
    Kaira takes Keesh in corner and Says After 10 Minutes You both Able to meet Each Other They Nod Kartik says So what are You doing Meet Each Other and they left them and come Out
    Both are Feeling Awkward Outside Kartik Asks Do You remember Swiss’s Flight Thing she Retort I will Throw You Out of Plane He teases why alone come with me and he Start His Romance

    Inside Keesh are Talking About Their Marriage Like its Love or Arrange Kartik Explain her Then Kaira comes inside and Take Them Out
    Both Seat on Place and Ladies are Preparing Haldi Divyani Gives Silver coin with Have Kuldevi’s print Dadi Says Now we have her Blessing too

    Everyone Folds their hands and Pilot announce that You can Start haldi Rituals
    Naira Says We have One Thing Left and They Give Rings to Keesha and Says they didn’t Exchanged Ring so now They can Exchange here Naksh Remembers Naitik and Naira consoles Him That Don’t get Sad

    Precap : Keesh’s haldi’s Celebration in Mid-Air 

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