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  • Wednesday, 27 September 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 27th September 2017 Written Update

    Episode Start with 
    Kaira comes Back to Keesh..Naksh Asks Them where were You Kartik About to Explain But he got Call That Road is Start Naira Thanks God That Mehandi went Well Now we will leave Naksh Asks where is That Aryan he has out car’s Key
    They came Back Outside in their Attire and Kartik calls Aryan But his Phone is Switched Off
    They See Aryan comes with Car and kartik asks why your Phone is Switch off He Says Battery Drained
    Kartik Gives Him Money But he takes Only which he Gave for Car repairing Everyone thanked Him and Got inside the car where Kartik Says He Thinks Aryan is weird Naira and Keerti Says We wont meet Him again So let’s leave

    Aryan Sees Them Driving off and He Sees below Jewellery Bag He takes and Says I helped You So Much In return only I take This and Scene Shows How He Takes Out The Jewellery Bag from Naira’s Hand Bag
    There at Goenka Insists Singhania To Stay for sometime
    They Agreed.
    Bhabhi Maa and Dadi Bua are discussing About Doing haldi at Kuldevi temple Dadi bua Suggests That all The problem may be Because we are not Doing haldi There But They Shrugged this off But Dadi Listens All This

    At Hall Keesh and Kaira came Back and Everyone is happy and Excited to see naira and Keerti’s Mehandi
    Dadi Asks Naira About Jewellery who Checks and Says She doesn’t have  Kartik Checks In car Keerti too Checks In Her Bag Kartik gets Doubt on Aryan But naira Says No he cant do But Kartik Says Why he helped us without any thing in Return
    Dadi Scolds Naira, Kartik Says he will File Police Complaint against Him But they Heard Aryan’s voice and Manish asks who is he
    He comes inside and Shows That Jewellery Bag but One Bangle fell and Goes to Suwarna Aryan Goes There and he takes Bangle from her Feet and her Hands Goes To Bless Him
    He Stands Up and Says Sorry and he Goes to naira and Gives That Bag To Naira

    Naksh Asks How You came here he Explain how he has Seen Your address and How he came here
    He Tells her to check the Jewellery Naira checks and Assure Kartik
    Aryan looks at Kartik and Says He is Poor but Not Thief he wants to do Job But Not Getting any Says That he About to Go While Walking he is thinking how Stone Hearted they are Not Stopping Him
    Naira Stops and says How You will go So Far at Night stay here Manish Orders Servant to open out House Suwarna Suggest to Stay inside the House But Manish Says That he will Stay In Out house
    He is happy and Thinks that Now I am Waiting for You all To fell In My trap and He leaves

    Singhania About to leave But Dadi Says That I have one Request That We should Do Haldi at Singhania’s Kuldevi’s temple
    They Shock to listen this and Dadi Explain how She Listens herself Dadi is Stubborn Akhilesh and Manish try to make Her Understand But She Says That we have Private plane we will Go with that
    Divyani whispered to Bhabhi maa that Why she is so stubborn
    They left and Dadi Scolds Manish and Akshilesh
    Akhilesh Reminds Manish About Plane is Given to Mantri Ji But dadi Says Them to Arrange Something
    Upstair Naira Starts packing and Kartik is irritates Her 
    She Is in Anger Says You go and Sleep he too Shows Anger and About to Go On bed But he Takes Naira in His Arms and Says How Can i Sleep without You and He takes her To Bed 

    There Naitik is Talking and asking for sometime But Person Other Side says Its Legal Matter Someone from You or naksh have to come he Says he will see 

    Naksh comes from behind and naitik Looks Back Naksh Says Him go and Sleep 
    Naitik Nods and Naksh leaves from there 
    He talks to Akshra why this is Happening with me last Time i was also not present but You were But This Time..he looks at above and Says sorry to Akshra

    precap : Kartik comes to Naira and says lets Go She Says I have to make halwa he Says That anybody can Make
    Dadi Suggest naira that any one Can Do haldi Mixing Naira Says Its Sister's Shagun Dadi Says That we Are from Bride's side Our Little Mistake will remember all the time 

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