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  • Wednesday, 27 September 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Season 2 27th September Episode 3 Written update

    Episode Start with

    Ishwari is Saying Mamiji How he slept after so much Time
    Suhana and Devakshi come and Suhana Runs to Shubh But ishwari Stops her That he Just Slept after cried so much Let him Sleep
    Sonakshi comes and Sit in front of Shubh ishwari tells her to Stay in front of Shubh
    Ishwari asks suhana Did You feel so Much pain She Says Yes ishwari showers her kisses and Says that We are sorry that we didn’t heard You and Sent you School
    Mamiji Says That who’s evil eyes on Both of Our’s Kids Sona takes Shubh Upstairs And Dev takes Suhana and tells ishwari that he Should Help Sonakshi
    They left and Mamiji Says That Kids These Days wants to be particle who will make Them understand this
    Devakshi’s Room

    Dev Gives Medicine to Suhana who ask Sona why are You So Sad she Says Nothing Suhana Leaves and Dev comes to Sona and Says I Know You are Upset because of Maa’s word She Says Little upset Not Fully
    dev makes Her Understand that it was Your 1st Day at office At Home Everyone See You Daily but After some Days They will be fine
    Sonakshi Says I am Not Upset because of maa’s word I am Upset About How can I ignored Suhana’s Complaint about Stomach Pain
    Dev comes close to her and Side hugs her and Says That We Thought They are Actting
    Sona asks will we become Good Parents

    Dev Supports her and Says I am with You and You are with me We will become Good Parents 

    Asha comes to Meet ishwari and See Suhana ishwari asks how Sona Worked When Suhana was born

    Asha tells her How Suhana was Always behind Sonakshi But She and Bijoy too helped Her Sometime she use to take Suhana at work
    Asha Sense something wrong and she Asks ishwari wants in her Mind 
    ishwari Shares Her fear That Kids wants Their Mother's love and That only we can make them understand

    Golu Says Sorry to Suhana in His Style by dancing Funnily 


    Dev comes to Kitchen to take water Where ishwari Gives Glass of water
    He Asks how do You Know ? She Says Mother always Know what her Kid want
    He drinks water and Hugs her and Says I Know You want My Hug
    She Looks at him and He Says Sonakshi Just Start work It will be fine She Says I am Not against Soankshi’s working But Kid Wants His Mother
    When I used to work left you and your Sister All Alone How I used to Go I Know But Why Soankshi need To work ?
    Dev Says You think She is working for Money No She is working for Kids Who cant learn she is Doing for them

    Ishwari replies that Sonakshi is Doing Nobel work and she can do this work from home just the way I did on laptop I am just Saying That her work is not Important then Her Kids
    Sonakshi comes and Listen All This ishwari calls her Inside and Asks her That You Listen all this Do you Think I am Saying wrong
    Dev Says Maa we can Manage
    Ishwari Says That This “ Manage” who do who don’t have anything But You cant See Your Child growing after time Left What is the Thing You all are running behind and she leaves
    Dev tells sona that After Some time all will understand
    In The Room Sonakshi is remembering all The Things from Morning Dev comes from behind and Start Massaging she Says No But he Says Let me Serve my wife I rarely get chance he Assures her that its 1st day Everything will be fine
    Sona gets Asha’s Call and Dev is Singing behind Asha says her that She wants to talk Something
    Sona Excuses and Says That She is feeling Guilty  Asha Start Explaining why You are feeling guilty what Mother’s Role in child’s Life She Says Sourabh can Handle the Business She says Thinks once what I am Saying and Hangs Up

    In the Room Shubh is in Sonakshi’s Arm and Dev is Playing with him and trying to Stop his Cry and Make him Sleep Sonakshi is Lost
    Dev Asks her why he is not Sleeping let me take him to crib you have to Go that Village That is So far
    He takes Shubh and place in crib and he Sleeps Dev stands up and Sonakshi Says I decided that I wont Go office

    Precap : Dev Says he Decided that We will change Everything and on Dinning table he Announced  that he will manage Home and Sonakshi will manage Business Everyone get Shock

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