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  • Tuesday, 26 September 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 26th September Written Update

    Episode Start from All Clapping for Kaira and Praising Them They Looks at Each Other
    After They taken to Play Game and Girl’s Father Explains The Flower Game To Them and Kartik takes the Flower Thread and Give That Naksh They About to Start But Girl’s Mother Explain The Tough Part That bangle should reach without Thread Break and Naira Says we Will Do and They Start The game
    Keesh and Kaira are Doing So hard and One Other’s person’s Thread Broken and Here For Keesh and Kaira countdown Start and Naira Gets The idea She Sits on Floor and Kartk Takes His hand High and The Bangle Reaches to naira’s Hand and everyone Praised Them

    Keesh’s Share Look That They tried hard After That That Kaira Explain The Motive Behind The Game Everyone is so Impressed with Them
    Naksh and Keerti too came and Say if we should Reach near Your Love Standard That will be Enough for us
    Here Naitik is worried and Suwarna gets her brother’s call she Gets tense But Manish takes The call and Keep on her Ear But She didn’t listen Him fully and cut the call
    There Her Brother is worried That She Should Know about her Son Here Manish feeds her Because She has Mehandi in her hands

    There Naksh and Keerti Sit for Mehandi and Girl Start Applying Mehandi in Keerti’s Hand and Someone Talk about Ritual That after Bridge Apply Mehandi Groom will Feed her Gulab Jamun and Naksh feeds Keerti and Kartik to Naira
    Dance Start and Kartik takes Naira with Him and They Dance on banno Ki Saheli Aryan comes and wondered why they are dancing in This function He comes and Start Eating Like There will be No tomorrow

    Naksh comes To Keerti and Naira is Dancing and teasing Kartik
    Aryan Gets call But he Ignores and Enjoys His Food
    Kaira Drags keesha and They Danced too While Dancing Kartik Kisses Naira and she Blushes and About to Go But Kartik Holds her so Close Finally Dance Finish and That Girl Ruksar Thanks Them But Naira Says That We should Say Thanks we have Lost Hope But You Gives Us So Beautiful chance
    They About to leave But Aryan Informs Them No rain Stop No Road Start he Asks Car’s key and Kartik and Naksh hesitate But Naira Insists and Naksh Gives the Key
    Naira argues That why are You Doubting So much they about to Start Fight But Naksh Stops Them

    Kartik Says yes why are we fighting and He leaves with Naksh Naira Notices Aryan’s Phone She about to take call But he Comes Back and takes Phone Naira Suggest Him to talk to His father and He attends The call who is None other then Suwarna’s Brother
    Naksh and Keerti Spend Some Beautiful Moment There Kaira are having Romantic Moments too and They promised to Each other That They will Love Each Other Like this

    Naira comes Other Side of One Semi Tranparents Curtain and They relive Their Wedding wow By Saying “Kabul Hai” to each Other
    They Lost In Each Other’s Love

    Precap : Aryan See off Them But Secretly takes out the Jewellery’s bag from the car Dadi Scolds Naira at House when Naira Says She doesn’t have that Jewellery  

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