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  • Tuesday, 26 September 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Season 2 26th September Episode 2 Written Update

    Sonakshi reaches office where all Are Waiting for her and She Apologies for her Late Arrival and She Start the presentation There Dev is Doing The Same
    Here at House Shubh is Crying and Mamiji is Trying To Sop his cry Ishwari checks His Nappy Mamiji Asks did she Feed Him ishwari Says yes She fed him May be He wants Sonakshi its 1st time he is Away from her So Much Time she Calls Sonakshi But Her Phone is Silent
    She Calls Dev who Sees The Phone and Excuse Himself and About to Vikcy Says Bhai Any Emergency And Do u trust me ?
    He says Yes You are MY family Show her Your Talent and He takes Ishwari’s call who is surprised that She Calls Dev and He explain how her call Diverted to Him

    He Asks Why Shubh is crying ishwari explains how They Check everything She tells Dev to take Sona Home Right Now
    She cuts the call and tells Mamiji How She was Sure That He wont able to Live without her
    Here SOnakshi is Still Busy and Dev Reaches Home and tells Them That Sona is Busy in Meeting and He takes Shubh and Start Rocking Him and He Stops crying and Mamiji is Surprised
    He Says See he Stopped Crying lets go to Room
    He leaves And Mamiji Shares her happiness but ishwari is Worried Mamaiji Blabbers That How He left His Meeting Sonakshi Should Do the Same for their Son

    Here Everyone calpped For Sonakshi and They Agree for their proposal and they will call her soon

    Sourabh is so happy and he Shares his happiness He leaves to Bring Sweets 

    Sona has Pain in her Stomach but Golu makes fun of her that she is doing Acting she leaves from there
    Sona Sees ishwari’s miss call and Got panics She calls her But No connection
    She calls Dev who Video call her and Shubh on the video Dev talks from His Side Sona asks why he is Home is Shubh Okay Dev Tells He was Missing Him That’s why he came Home
    She Says I am coming and I will bring Suhana With Me
    She Reaches the School and wait for Suhana outside Who Still Not come After all The Student came Out she Shows pic to Peon But He Says he Know who is suhana But She is not came Out  She Scolds him
    Dev and Shubh have Moments Dev Cleans Shubh’s Mouth and His coat too
    Sona calls Dev and She Informs That Suhana is Not Came Outside He Tells her To call Elena
    And he calls Vicky
    Both call back and Sona informs That she is Going inside
    Here Vicky call back and Inform That he Picked Vicky Times Ago because of waxing and Suhana was Not at School He Got Panics he came down with Shubh and gives him to ishwari and Mamiji Says That may be Sona is Late to Pick her up

    Here At School Dev and Sona Search her All over in School after some searching they didn’t find Him Dev Says You call Bose House I will go to principle he comes inside and ask him where is my Daughter
    Here mamaiji tells ishawri that Vicky calls Dev but he is not Picking up
    Ishwari gets panics and She tells how many Times I told them That You cant handle Kids Like This One hand laptop other hand Kids God Please give Some Brian to Sona
    Mamiji Says Delhi is very Dangerous and ishwari got More Panics
    Sona calls someone and ask is suhana with You here dev is talking with priniciple
    He gets Doctor’s call That Suhana at Nursing Home
    Dev takes Sona at their Nursing Home and Both Reaches the Doctor’s clinic and Doctor Informs that She has Stomach Pain
    Suhana gets Up and Informs That She has pain In Stomach That’s why she came here
    Suhana Says Sorry that She didn’t inform them Doctor Gives Medicine

    Dev takes her In His Arms and comes out Sona gets ishwari’s call and Sona Informs Her that She has Infection and ishwari Says That we Should have Listen to her and she tells her to take her home
    Dev is Consoling Suhana and Giving her Support But Sona is Lost in ishwari’s word that Kid needs Mother and she is Remembering Suhana Told her About Stomach pain

    Precap : Dev tells Sona That he Knows She is Thinking about Maa’s word and she Says How can She Ignored Suhana’s complaint and she Asks will we became Good Parents ??

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