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  • Monday, 24 July 2017

    Yeh rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 24th July Written Update

     Episode Start with
    Love Kush are asking Naksh About Marriage and He is Feeling Uncomfortable Even Kartik Is Behaving Weirdly and Naira asks What Happen he Says Nothing
    There Dadi and Sulekhna Plan to Send Kirthi with Naksh for some Time they Ask Naksh if he Will drop Kirthi to boutique
    Manish Advised Both to take Time and Talk to Each Other

    There Mishti come to Know This Plan By Love Kush and she Shared With Everyone Dadi Bua Cursed SuhaSani Again and Divyani fears That what Aditya Blamed on Kirthi-Naksh
    Naitik Says we don’t Care About People We Should be Happy for Our children who are Happy with Each Other
    There On Car Kirthi ask Naksh Why he Said Yes for Marriage Like he Feels Like what she Felt or Just Pity he Stops her By Saying That You are not Bechari Everything is Decided By God Suddenly He Applies Break and His Hand Touched her Arms Both Looks at Each Other
    There Love Kush are Angry because Kartik Stopped Them by Saying and Kartik is Doing Sit-up
    Naira Gives Them bribe of Rasgulle and they Agreed and They Said Sorry To Kartik and Left

    Kartik Thanked Naira But Naira Ask what happened To You that Time
    He Says I don’t Know Just wanted to Stop them all
    She Says Happens sometime They feed Rasgulla Each Other and Naira Thinks That I should Share with Kartik he will Understand
    Akhilesh comes and Takes him away and Naira thinks why Bhai Did Lied about meeting and all
    Suddenly Kirthi comes and Hugs her and She is Crying Naira Asks what happen Somebody Told You anything
    She Says Naksh Said ? Naira Stuns and ask what ??
    She Says Naksh Said That we are Made for Each other and She Tells that No One Said Anything Sweet to me Ever Naira hugs and Thinks My Doubt is Clear On

    There Pandit Informs that marriage Should Happen End of this Month Otherwise No Mahurat upto 1.25 year
    Kirthi and other Shocked Dadi walks to Kirthi and ask What You want Kirthi do You want this To End of This Month ?
    Manish ,Suwarna everyone try to make her Understand But She is Still Asking her Do you want Kirthi this or not ?
    Manish Says Why are Your Pressuring her She Says Pressure she will bear when she wont be marry 1.25 Year
    Kirthi Agrees what Dadi Wants and Dadi Hugs her
    She Tells Pandit to do Every Preparation
    Here Naksh comes Home and everyone Jump on Him He Shouted Then Composed and Told Them Everything
    BhabhI Maa receives Dadi’s call that she is coming Dadi bua Listen All This and She Decided That She wont Let anyone Rule My Lalla’s Bhai

    Here Kartik comes inside Room Searching Naira But Naira Lifts Him and Throw Him on bed So hard
    He Turns around and say That Bed Now I Know how Important You are For me Now Otherwise My Wife will do Mixer of my Bone

    She Turns Him Around and Come Top of him

    Naira Says To Kartik That I was Having Weird Feeling But Now That’s Clear when Bhai Told something Di..Now Just wants Them to Marry
    Dadi Said Right That we Shouldn’t wait Much becoz No one has any Objection
    But kartik Says I have Objection She Ask why he Says That I want Them To Spend Time and In My views Its So Hurry They don’t Know Each other That Much This two people Are Already Hurt By Someone and Its Complicated Relationship And Last Time when Aditya’s Proposal came I was not in Position and This Time I don’t want her to be hurt Again
    Naira Try to make Him understand that They Love and Know Each Other Now You Go and Get ready Everyone is Going Home he Says Now Everything is Decided what I will do I have work and He Left

    Precap : Dadi with everyone at Singhnia house with Proposal of Marriage Dadi Ask naksh are You agree But he left she Panicks and Tell Naira to Ask Him She comes to naksh and Ask Him whats Going inside him 

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