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  • Monday, 24 July 2017

    Kuch rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th July 2017 Written Update

    Episode Start with

    Sonakshi comes to Room and she Sees Dev’s Clothe Still in Bed She Comes to Washroom and Says From Outside and she Says Dev I want to Say Something Last week Soha has Competition and in which she has to Write About her parents But she Didn’t have Good Marks Because she Wrote Everything Good About us Everything Good

    Dev Please Listen there is Some Things I don’t Like about you and You don’t Like About me
    I don’t like when You behave Like This Possessive Everytime She Says Something Their Marriage pic shown in Scene She Says I Know You are Angry and Inside atleast say Something
    She About to Enter But PK came for Dev’s Tie and he Informs her that he is Downstairs
    There Elena comes to Room and Vicky Hides His Phone and He Tells her Not to Doubt Like Typical Wife
    She Says That Means You are Hiding

    He takes Out Laptop and Says That There is something inside for You and Golu and he Inject Pen drive And There are SCreenslide of Them and Golu
    She is Surprise and He says That I was Thinking to Surprise You But You doubt so Much she says sorry and Hugs him and He takes Out Another Pen drive
    Sona comes to ishwari and ask about Dev She Said that he Left
    Her Phone Buzz and Asha’s Video call in which She Informs that ronita is Pregnant and Sona calls Everyone and They congratulated Each other Sona has tears of joy
    Ishwari talks with Ronita and elena Sona teases her
    Ronita Says That Saurabh is So Hyper Panic and Asha Tell her o seat we will talk later

    After call they talk about how was Golu When he Was Small
    Sona Says She will Inform Dev But his Phone is Busy Dev Sees waiting Call from Sona But He Ignore
    There Nikki ,ishwari ask how can he Keep You at waiting SOna Make Excuses and Leave ishwari Notices this
    There Bijoy Saurabh are So Panick over Ronita what to do and what Not
    Ronita Says This is too Much

    Golu is teaching suhana how to cheat not even this he is showing her How to Hide Small cheat and He Tells her that Big Cha and Papa Cheated in Exam Think About This when they will come to know that You cant Cheat she Ask Really I cant cheat

    There Sona Reaches Home and she congratulated Both But She Sees Their behaviour how Panic They are She tells Saurabh to Sit..She Tells Ronita All the Best Ronita complaint That they are Behaving Like This  

    Asha told Bijoy and Saurabh to leave Ronita Goes to washroom and sona Walks while walking She is Seeing In Phone and she About to fall Asha tell her to Keep the Phone Away she Says No Important call will come 

    Vicky Meets Thakkar and Secretly he passes him the Pen drive
    Thakkar says you will get all Money tomorrow…Vicky says why Tomorrow Thakkar says Check Money
    In Your Account 10 crore Credited

    Dev is remembering old Things how she Refused to Inform him about meeting he is Frustrated that Now I wont tell You from Now Onwards

    Here Elena is Busy and Vicky ask which Camera You Like to Buy
    She is Surprised and Hugs him

    Sona and Ronita are at Hospital and Sona is Filling Form She gets Saurabh’s call on her Phone who Says he wants to talk to Ronita and They talk and Sona feels Sad and She Remember when She and Dev Played Pregnancy And How Dev Took care of Her..She wipes her tears
    She Remember How they Fought She Asks Ronita any call in between she Says No..She Gives Phone back and Sona is Lost

    Dev comes Home and Put His Phone Away Golu asks For Outing dev says he is tired
    Ishwari Sensed That he is Angry So She changed the Situation By telling Him to complete Homework
    She walks to her and Ask Early Today and where is sonakshi he Says She was not in the Office and You don’t Know..Anyways She She Didn’t tell You,,You Should have Call
    She Calls Via Dev’s Phone and sona Attends But he Snatch Back Phone and Make Excuses
    Sona calls Him he Cut the Phone..and he says don’t be In misconception that I Called You and he Shows his Ignoring Attitude

    Precap : Vikcy is talking to Thakkar that I convinced Dev’s wife That his wife’s House Snatch By Him and when he Was His family is breaking He broke His marriage 

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