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  • Thursday, 20 July 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai 20th July Written Update

    Kartik come to rescue for naira But Naira Interrupts That don’t come Between Us We have relationship we can talk..Dadi Shouts That What Left to talk Because of You She Left This House

    Naira Says How Because of Me She Doesn’t Even Know That we will talk about this

    Dadi Adamant That If naira talked with her brother this wont happened
    Akhilesh and Other Supported Naira that Naksh Doesn’t Even Know About this
    Dadi Says I don’t Know Anything You just bring her Back Home Otherwise I am Died for You
    Kartik about to say But he Sees Kartik is coming Inside..All Shocked and Kartik comes to naira and Gives her Phone Back she Left in Car..He Says this was Left in car so I came to Give Back Otherwise I don’t want to come and Listen All this which was going yesterday too

    All Shocked Naira tried to ask But Naksh Glare At dadi and Says Whoever want to Say They Already Said
    Dadi is Shocked and He left All worriedly Looks at Each Other
    There Kirthi is Barking on Phone to Taxi driver
    Naksh Stops Car near Signal and passes by Kirthi

    Naira is Crying In Room and Kartik comes to Sit with her She is Crying that Bhai Has Listen everything and That Accident may be Kartik Says May be

    She Says how can I ask Him Now There Papa is Also waiting for my Call and Bua Dadi She is So angry
    She Looks at Him and ask why this is happening to us Why Always this two family came infront of each Other Like This

    Manish tries to make Dadi understand that Naira has No Fault in this And Now You can See Naksh’s Behaviour he is Not happy with this
    And whatever Hope left is Now Finsihed

    Kaira comes and announced That They are Going to Singhania to Talk
    Meanwhile Love Kush comes with Kirthi’s Luggage and She comes Inside Dadi Seems Happy Suddenly and Naksh comes inside too from behind her
    Naksh remember how He Saw Kirthi is waiting for cab
    Kirthi comes inside and Naksh follows Too
    Dadi Hugs Kirthi and Naksh Says I want to say Something About What You were talking
    There On My House This talk is Going to when I saw Kirthi ji with bags Before Something bad Happen Let me tell This
    I don’t know kirthi ji will leave House Like This I was Scared how could I Say This But Now I want to say he takes Deep Breathe and Turn Around and Says My heart is Not Different from Kirthis

    All Looks at Him Stunned
    I accept this Proposal Dadi Sighs and Cried
    Everyone is happy and Manish comes to Dadi and Hugs her Dadi is So happy and she is Crying with Joy Naksh Stops His Tears and Kirthi has tears In Eyes too
    Naira is Suspected But Kartik Hugs Kirthi…Kartik calls her
    All Praises that They are Lucky Dadi calls her to come near her
    Naira walks To Naksh Slowly who is Trying Hard To hide his Emotions From her
    She Hugs her and He reliefs over this and Hugs her Back She Again looks at Him
    Manish ask should we call Home and Inform Naksh Says No he will Say
    Dadi ask him to sit But he Makes Excuse That He Has Meeting
    Sulekhna and Akhilesh teases Them that You Both are Blushing and This meeting is Just An Excuse
    He Says I have to go to Krishna..Kartik Says we will drop You at Exit
    Kirthi Shyly says Bye and Naksh awkwardly says Bye
    They come out and About to Go But Kartik Hugs her..he says I am happy please tell this Everyone we will meet with Full family

    Naira is Glaring him But he says I Know You Angry from me
    She says That’s Doesn’t matter But How could I didn’t See This How can I Didn’t Notice This
    Bhai Tell me That Thing is Something else
    He Make Excuses That You didn’t even think About Your Bhai After marriage and he Left from there
    Naira is Suspected on this
    Here naksh in car takes Out Akshra’s pic and says Maa I didn’t Want to tell Lie But they were Torturing Naira and for their happiness I Lied You Know I can die for Naira’s happiness
    Just give me Strength To Keep everyone happy

    Here Dadi is Continuing Nazar utharana and all manish asks are You happy ?
    She Hugs Him and says After so many years I Got this happiness
    She Blushed and Left
    Dadi Says Brings Sweets for everyone I will call Pandit ji  and Ask for Mahurat
    Dadi comes to naira and says we have To team Up and You have to handle Everything about marriage This time You talk Your House Specially Bua Dadi Make them realize That SO many Lifes attached to this Relationship

    Precap : Dadi calls and Ask Bhabhi maa to Send Naksh at Home for Pooja
    He Denies and Shouts on Everyone That I cant go

    There Dadi Shouts on Naira and tell her to Call him and Tell him to Come how can he cant come Naira is Shocked 

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