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  • Thursday, 20 July 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 20th July Written Update

    Episode Start with
    Sona Says To That Person in Meeting That I was Thinking about Your Requirement and she Left Dev Thinks That She Left for Washroom

    Golu and Suhana in Schools and Suhana Did Acting of Stomach aching and Teacher take her
    Sona gets Call from School And she Says I am coming there she Informs That Person and Says Sorry for Leaving But I have To Go She Thinks That I didn’t Inform Dev then She Says I should Not tell Him how can he Track me
    He Sees in tracker that she is Going Somewhere he Too Follows her Frustrated He Drives Car
    And He Stops one Chai Stall

    He Shocks to See Jassi He ask how her phone is with You he says Ma’am Give me Off and This Phone Too
    He comes Home and Ask ishwari where is sonakshi…She Asks Why are You So Worried
    She says She Went to take Kids Sona has Stomach Ach Dev Feels Upset
    Here Mamaji comes to Vikcy Room He thinks That Dev and Vikcy are Talking when he comes Vicky panically Close Laptop he ask are You hiding something coz I heard Dev’s Voice
    Vicky Argued That How can You talk Like To me He Retorted that Before Think to hard Dev Thinks 100 times
    Here Sona And Golu comes Home and Meet Dadi And She Asks Now You are Okay

    Ishwari and Mamii scolds Them Not To Eat Outside Food
    Ishwari Informs Sona That Dev is at Home so Early and Sona Says That I have to Talk To You maa

    Sona Talks Ishwari about dev that he is Behaving weirdly He Is Following me Everywhere Actually this All is Happen From That Night and she Thinks That They Didn’t Told her

    Ishwari says he is Like This if he Loves Someone he behave Like This You Should Happy That he is Giving That Attention to You 

    In their room  Dev scolds Sona.for.leaving her phone with jassi and Not Informing Him About her whereabouts 
    Sona asks him behave like a possessive But He Says I will do Because You are my Wife  

    Sona ask Dev for putting  tracker App in her phone
    Dev Shouts on her that He Put for her Safety and Security 
    He Shouts on her that This is His Right and He will Do all His Life 
    and Left 

    He Left and Sit on Stairs Sona comes to Ask Him about his Fears But he Didnt Listen and Left 
    she comes to Room and But He didnt in Mood to talk So she Sent him message he read and smiles
    But Not Look at her 

    She comes to ishwari and Shares what happened with her That Night and Ishwari Says That Now he Has fear to Lose You So He will behave Like This


    Dev is Hanging One Frame and he hurt his Hand and Sonakshi Scold him over this She Put bandage and She ask Did its Hurt
    He Asks Do You feel Hurt and he says Something and Left
    She Opens the Photo Frame its Old photo of her with Family

    ishwwari calls Nikki and ask her What Are You doing She ask did i disturb You Both talked About Laskhya and Howz Work is Going On Both Share Mother-Sister Love Moments

    Dev is Playing with Sona and Golu and Sona ask then Go and Study They Say Study is complete

    Golu says Sona to Pass The Ball to Big Cha
    She Takes Football in Her hand and Walks To him

    Precap : Sona is Saying to Elena That Dev Becomes so Possessive and That Behaviour is Not Good for Our Relationship

    Elena Looks at Behind her and sona Turns and see Dev is Standing There 

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