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  • Thursday, 13 July 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 13th July 2017 Written Update

    Naira Asks Dadi that My work is complete
    Sulekhna whispered Dadi That we should talk before Leave Dadi Scared and Said We shall Leave Now and She calls Kids to Come
    Kartik comes home and Saw Naira is Lost In Thought he Ask In whom Thought you are Lost
    She Says Hai Koi..
    Kartik Shows Mock anger That I will Hit Him till Death
    She teased him and he asked what happen..She Thinks about Dadi’s behaviour towards Naksh But She Didn’t Tell him anything

    They Teased and he Hugs her But She thinks That I want to tell You But I myself Don’t understand anything
    Here Dadi told Sulekhna to Go and bring Something she gave her one paper in which she Written in Hurriedly Sulekhna Asked I don’t understand what is this Written Dadi gave Example that You cant understand which is written so How can We Talk about marriage in Hurriedly Naksh behave with kirthi as naira’s Sister-in-law But How Will he Behave with her as Wife

    Here Singhanias House

    Bhabhi Maa is insisting To Do Fast But Naksh is Sayinq why she Said You Say yes for Marriage or Otherwise I will do fast See Goenkas are Also Asking About your Marriage
    Naksh Told her that Lie to them that I have Selected girl all are Shocked But Naksh Said No I didn’t I am Just Saying so that They will leave me

    Here Dadi and Sulekhna came to Kirthi’s Room and she isTalking about naksh to Love and Kush and Sulekhna is Insisting to talk about Proposal But she is Sacred what if they say No..but Sulekhna Said You can convert anyone No in yes

    Here kirthi Got Naksh Message about Plant he has purchased too  and he will come To Give her that
    She Smiles Reading his message and thinks he is so sweet and he Take care of every small Things

    Here Suwaran is coughing and naira Sends Syrup By Servants Kartik Notices this But Suwarna Takes and Left

    Kartik came to Kitchen and Turn off the Light she is Running and he is catching her
    She Said She will Scream Kartik Said I will do for you and He Started talking Loud That See here Kartik is Torturing his wife Naira Hello Someone listen to me
    Naira is Again Started Doing  work He takes Out Ice Cream and held her hand And Both Eat from One Ice Cream Side by Side and Lost in Each Other Suddenly ice Melt and fell from his Hand

    Naira Started Cleaning and He Told her to leave
    She Said Ants will come he Said Don’t You feel of that Romance when Someone come and caught You that Romance is another Thing and he About to Kiss her But  they shocked to listen Dadi’s Sound
    She is Scolding Sulekhna for Naksh Thing
    Kartik tried to listen But Dadi is continued that I Think I should Talk to naksh First She Gets call and here Kartik and Naira comes out and Kartik asked Did She Said Naksh what she have work with Naksh ??
    Here Kirthi si reading Story About One Princess Who Was Hurt By Someone and Then She Meets with her Prince who helps her Who Will make her Life happy again and she relates Herself to that Story and Love Kush Said One Day she Loves That Prince

    Kirthi Said yes Yes She Loves N..and she Stopped herself and Naira Notices all This From Door She gets Suspicious
    Naira come to her and She Asked Kirthi Di what is in Your Heart ??
    Kirthi Shrugs off and changed the topic
    Naira Decided to talk with Kartik
    Morning Dadi is Instructing Sulekhna and Suwarnafor Pooja which she kept for Kirthi

    Sulekhna told Dadi that we should Send Proposal via Naira
    Here Kirthi and Naira are talking Kirthi has Diya in her hand Naira says Talk about her heart thing and Diya Fell from Kirthi’s Hand and Dadi rush to her that This will be AbhShagun
    Dadi told Them to be Careful
    Here that Mediator Lady who comes with that Rishta on Temple Comes and Naira tried to Stop her But She Comes Inside and Blurt all that They Liked Your Daughter and they are Guilty what Happen that Day
    Kartik and Manish Rushes to dadi and asked what Happen and Dadi narrates Them What happened that Day

    Precap : Naira is Suggesting That Kirthi di should meet the Guy and if she Likes then we can proceed

    Dadi Said she Found That Guy Naira asked who Dadi says NAKSH Kirthi-Naira everyone shocks  

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