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  • Thursday, 13 July 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th July 2017 Written Update

    Episode Start with
    Dev is trying to convince ishwari that Nikki needs us if we didn’t Support her Things will Go Out of hands
    She Said That So what we do In fear of that

    Dev Gives Example of Riya and Neha how Things go Wrong after That
    He Says That I have seen That Love In Their Relationship if we didn’t accept her Relationship she wont come in This House
    Ishwari left from there
    Laskhya comes with Coffee and he Asked her That You have all Answers

    She asked Means
    He Says I Know You have all Answers who will ask what And You Go there After Your Brother Told You Not to Go
    She Says something and he says I am Going She Stops her and he Liberally  says that  your Family is this And that And Your Mother is Mad..Nikki Jerks Stand Up and Shouts on him That MY maa is Not Mad

    She realize that he Was Saying So That she Cant React
    He Make her understand That She Loves her Family and She Will Go There
    Here Vicky is Accusing That ishwari has so much Trust on her Duaghter what she did Ruined All the Reputation and he Bad Mouthed
    Elena tried to make Him understand But he Accuse Dev for all this and they have Argument Radha Rani is Seems Upset
    Vicky warned elena to stay away from them
    Dev is Lost Sona is Watching him..Same Situation is with Nikki and ishwari too


    ishwari behave Weirdly on Breakfast table Sona tried to Help ishwari But She Shows No Interest
    Dev asked why didn’t You Pack Your breakfast sona asked Why No watch

    Dev Says You pack breakfast I will drop You

    She Says I have Resigned from Job all shocked  

    Dev tried to talk Ishwari About her Job and Told her at least Visit them To See how They are living
    You Know Lakshya is Good boy then why You are getting Negative and Leaving Job is Not a Option
    Ishwari Thinks about that

    There At Lakshya Told Nikki That She Loves her Family So Much
    He Informed her about to Move thing coz of Lanlord’s Daughter is coming back

    He comes to office and Shocked to se ishwari’s Resignation He comes to Dixit House and Told her That Intern Aunty I Accepted Your resignation but Other Rejected By I respect Your Decision

    But I wanna Tell that You Enjoy Your Job then why Mix Prefessional and Personal Life  

    Golu asked Elena About why Arohi and other Left
    Then He asked why badi Dadi was Angry Elena About to Say Something But Vikcy rudly told that No One is coming Back and No Family party Again we do photo Session
    But Golu said That Big Cha Told me That Family Gathering will happen My Big cha is always Right Not Like You

    Here At Bose House Dadi is teasing Bijoy and asha that I Didn’t counted your Marriage’s Phere
    Asha Intentionally said Bijoy we will take Phere again

    Here At office Sona comes with coffee and teased dev over something
    Dev Said what are Your saying She Says that we care about each other and we are Married and Un married couple Do Same what the Difference
    Dev Said we care about Each other and Didn’t take Stupid Decision
    Sona said And We did Took Wrong decision
    But She Says Soha is Main difference Because we are Together
    They more talk About Marriage
    Sona Says Its Like God Who wanna believe They believe who don’t they Don’t

    Precap : Dev Says Sona Maa’s Phone is Unreachable Sona Thinks May be She at Nikki’s House and ishwari comes with Nikki and Lakshya  

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