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  • Tuesday, 20 June 2017

    Avni Became Bahu No 1 Naamkarann SBAS 20th June Video WU

    Written Update 

    Segment Start where Neil's Mother Shweta Makes Pohu in which She put Peanut and Bebe has Allergy from Peanut and because of That Bebe's Face Becomes Red 

    Bebe Cursed Shweta for this who Said i didn't made this 

    Neil Also Supported his Mother 

    Seeing This Situation Avni took all Blame of herself 

    Neil who Knows Truth Take advantage and teased her 

    Avni Ordered Food from Outside but she Told Truth to bebe who Impressed from her Honesty and Give her jewelry In Gift 

    She herself make her wear necklace and Bangles seeing This Shewta Fumed 

    Seeing Shweta's Expression Bebe Put Black Teeka Behind her Ear so that she will be save from Evil eye

    Neil Mocks her By saying go and make Black Coffee for me Avni Fumes 

    Must watch this Amazing Segment 

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