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  • Tuesday, 20 June 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 20th June Episode 2411 Written Update

    Episode Start with

    Dadi came and everyone surprised Organizers Welcomes her
    Kiran comes to room and Turn around seeing KAIRA cozy and He Told her to come Out for Music Check and He Left
    Kartik Told her to Go and do well and he Left
    Here Dadi Told Naitik and All That She has Already Decided to come I was invited for chief Guest

    And she said I will Go and Give This Thread To Naira But Someone asked her to Come To Judges Panel and She Thinks that she will do after 1st Performance
    Here Naira is Backstage and She is Getting all Moments of Akshra and How All Told her to complete Akshra’s dream She Limed to Stage because of Her Feet
    She Takes her position Remembered her Mother and Ganga Mayya Anchor announced her Name and She Looks around Dadi and Dadi Smiles at her
    Music Started and She Started Dance..She is In So pain and when she Turn Around Her side She wipes her tears
    Suddenly She Falls and all shocked But She Carried her dance Gracefully( Song Manwa Laagre re )
    Kartik is Worried for her and she is Last Stage of her and In Her Rounds she Falls on Floor and Naksh Kartik and Everyone Stands Up seeing This
    Curtain Goes down and All Family members tried to rush But They are Not Allowed Somehow Kartik Reached to her and She is crying She Told him that She Ruined everything Everything
    Kartik asked her You were dancing what Happened Are You Okay..She Said yes But I Ruined now We wont get certificate
    He carried Her in His arms and tried to Console her But She is crying continuously Kartik Calls Naitik and Naitik Asked her how are You She Said I am Okay And Niatik Informs this To Other member
    Here Naira comes in Makup room and She is Angry on herself That How can she Face her Family members now
    She is Consoling herself that You can Face This You just have to be Strong and You can do it
    She Sit and Applied Cream on her Feet Drinks water and She Again Stands up and Said You cant Loose Naira Just Do It Naira

    Here Anchor announced that Naira and Other dancers have Little Less Marks But In this Round They can Catch up and Can win Too
    Dadi Told Kartik and Other That I will see Naira and Uski Naar utharna Too
    Kartik told other That Please don’t show This Sad Faces and all Smiles
    Here Dadi come sto Backstage and She Saw naira is Practising with Girls In group and She is watching her Carefully and someone Said Kiran Its Your Turn and Kiran who is performing As Kirishna comes To Dadi’s Vision and she Fumes Seeing Kiran’s Hands on Naira’s Waist
    Naira is Leaning on Kiran and Everything make hee Angry and she Left
    Here Anchor announced That Some technical issue That’s why we are delying this round 15 minutes
    All family members come Out And discussing That Naiar Got Little time for rest and They See Dadi is coming too
    She comes in Rage and yelled on All Members That You don’t worried for Ours and Yours Reputation All Shocked and Naitik asked what happened ?
    Dadi Asked You Don’t know She is Dancing with other Men Girls From Good families doesn’t Do This
    She is continued That I have Always Ignore her Mistake but This Time Our Familie’s Reputation on Stack and I cant let her Ruin This
    Naitik Said That But This is from Beginning
    Dadi Said That I don’t Know This if I Known That Kiran is Boy I don’t even Allowed This and Just Only Mother’s Dream Name I wont tolerate This Nonsense She Should Stay In her Limits
    All shocked
    Naitik argued that She Knows her Limits  
    Dadi Said I don’t want to hear anything I wont let This happen You go and tell her This wont Happen
    She Left and Manish Goes Behind Her
    Singhania Discussed That This Should be Dadi’s Fault
    Here Suwarna tried to console her But She Said That I wont Allow This She Kept me in Dark
    Kirthi tried to say But Dadi Scold her
    Here Dadi Bua and Bhabhi maa Told Naitik That You should Talk to them  But he Said That my Daughter is doing Nothing wrong so I wont talk to them
    Manish Gives one advice that She is doing Dance Just for Certificate Then I can Manage By My Name Dadi Said yes Go for it I cant tolerate This
    He About to call but Suwarna Said That if You do this Naira will lost her Trust on us Don’t Do This
    Here naitik told Naksh That Just Make Sure Naira wont hear Anything About this

    Precap : Kartik is tried to Stop Kiran and Convinced him But He Left and Kartik Looks at Naira
    Naira comes to Stage Dancing alone Gayu  is worried That Where is Kiran  

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