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  • Wednesday, 31 May 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 31st May Episode 2397 Written Update

    Episode Start with Doctor left and Manish Who’s Side is Other Side Sai What is This Why Cant You say at Once He Sense Nothing he Turns Around and Saw Kartik too Left
    Naira is Preparing Something and She Got Video call from naksh and family and He Engrossed in Talking with her and When She Cut Call She remembered that She Left oil on Gas She Turns and Saw Suwarna is Seeing Oil She Thanked and Asked is Dadi is Angry She Said No but Naira Sense That She is Still Angry

    Kids came to Dadi’s room and They Sung a Song “Dadi Amma Maan Jaao Na”
    Dadi Smiles and They Slept with Dadi..naira is Seeing this Suwarna and Kirthi teased her They asked Did U Talk with Kartik She remembers That She Threaten Him She wont Sleep Untill he will Show His face on Video call
    She is in bed and Waiting for Kartik’s Video Call
    After Sometime Kartik called But Said Nothing She Said Please Say Something Like Radhe Krishna and She Did Little Drama and Kartik laughed Naira Said You Are Laughing ??
    He Said No But I am Loving This You are doing all this
    He said Sorry I realize My Mistake She Said Its Okay and I love You
    He Said Howz is Dadi She Said She Is Okay and I Said Sorry Too
    He Said Now from Onwards I wont come Between You and Dadi’s Personal Matter
    They Talked About dream and Kartik Told her That He Saw Dream She asked what is In the Dream and Dream Started
    Where Naira is Dressed as Jasmine and she is Painting  and Kartik Dressed like Aladin and all Theme is Arabic
    In The Real Both Slept

    Morning Naira is Doing Yoga and Praying that I have To fulfil my Both responsibility
    Suwarna is asking Kirthi why are You not sharing Anything She Said You Understands Everything Without Even Saying She is crying and Suwarna Consoles her They Hugged

    Naira is Preparing laddu and Dadi see her and Said This  Girl is Just Making Oily Things If I say something she will send Kartik to Argue
    Sulekhna Informed Dadi that All the preparation for Mahabhoj is done And Dadi Said I am coming Too what I wanted to do I couldn’t How Can I lose to Go naira Saw them

    Here Singhnia is Preparing for Soemthing and they are Waiting for some people

    Dadi come and Saw So Many Things for Breakfast on table Sulekhna asked Who is coming Kids informed and Naira Told To Dadi That I have invited Some People And Sorry I didn’t Informed You
    Just then Background Dancers came and Naira is Confused How they came Here Dadi Asked You Invited them all ??
    She said No I told Them to come To papa’s House Not here
    Dancers Said what is This Now we have to Go there Suwarna Jumped to help and She Said There is Some miss Understanding we will Arrange You all to Go there
    Just Than Pandits arrived and Dadi and All Other Shocked Love and Kush Unknowingly made Fun of them that they Dressed Like This From Their Home

    Pandits Saw Shoes and Clothers of Dancer and when Naira Touched their feet for Blessing they asked what is This Going on
    Suwarna Informed that they are Dancer and They are Just about to leave dancers left But Pandit Saw Footprint of Their Shoes
    One of them said If You call us for Food than You Should  Clean the Place 1st Like This You are insulting us and Food too
    Naira very calmly Said Your heart should be clean rest doesn’t Matter
    She Gave Example of Ganga Ghat That So Many Type of People come But She ddnt et Polluted Even She Cleans Other Just Like You come and From You This House will be Pour and Clean
    And About This place I will clean in 2 min and Naira Did Floor Cleaning with her Hand and She Spread Ganga Jal to every Corner Than She Place Sitting Things for all Pandits and they Seat She took blessing Others
    Pandit Praised Her in front of Dadi and She Seems So Happy
    Sulekhna came and Asked You did All this Alone You Should have Ask anyways did You arrange Goft like Daksheena and All
    Naira Shocked and she Said To Herself that She Forget this Now what Will she Do ??

    Precap : Naira is Going Somewhere and Someone Kidnapped her 

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