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  • Wednesday, 31 May 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 31st May 2017 Written Update

    Episode Start With

    Episode Start With
    Suhana is Pacing here to there Vicky told to her that if You Walk Like this You will fall
    Elena Gives Look at Vicky and asked what Happen Suhana She Said I have to Take Big decision
    Elena asked what decision?

    She Informed That Do my Papa Say yes or No for Remarry ?
    Mamiji Asked So You will take This decision 1st lets find out the Girl
    She Said I have take Decision and she Run elena sent Message to asha Regarding This
    Suhana drags Sona with her to ishwari and Dev and She Said papa You want to live Happily than You Should Remarry But I have One Condition That he is My Father and Who will Marry My papa will be My Choti mother So My Mumma will found Girl for Papa..ishwari Hugged and Said That She is On My Now Its Decided That Sona will Find Girl For dev..Devakshi shocked Sona Run to Inform Golu
    Seeing Devakshi Like This ishwari Explain That I have Did one Mistake Now You wont live Together But wont Live alone I know what will Your answer How You feel when You be alone once suhana will grow and Leave And Dev I wont be Happy to See You Like This
    She Said Sonakshi I have trust on You I Fold My Hand And Sona Stopped
    Dev Said I am Not ready and He Left ishwari told Sona to follow Him
    Sona comes To dev and She Calls His Name He Shouted and About to left Sona Stopped him 
    and Said 7 years Ago You run Like This He Stopped and Said Nothing Happen Than what will happen now She Said I cant Leave You Alone But He Gone

    Suhana asked Dadi why did you tell me to lie..Saying lie is Bad Thing I never Said Lie to Mom and Dad
    Upset ishwari took her in front of God’s idol She asked why Dadi You took me Here
    She Explain How Shri Krishna’s lie in childhood was innocent Just Like You Lie for Reunite Your Mother father
    Suhana asked Will This Happen Will Mumma Papa live Together ?
    Ishwari Said yes If You Follow Me This Will Happen
    Suhana asked Did You Saw My Acting ??
    Ishwari Said yes But How That choti Mummi Thing You did She Said Just Wait and Watch Dadi
    Here Dev is Frustrated and There Sona Too She is Thinking and Dev is feeling Helpless (KRPKEB Playing in Background )

    They are Seeing old Flashes Where They Promised To Live Together and Recent Flashes Too Where Sona took A Swear and Ishwari was Saying To Marry

    Sona Comes Home and All family members are Watching Tv they all Are Laughing

    Ronita is insisting To Seat with us
    Volume is Little Loud and Sona said Saurabh to Decrease volume But he didn’t listen
    Angry Sona Snatch Remote and Turn off and Left
    Bijoy laughed and He Said She Will Continue This So that She will Stay away from Dixit House

    Asha Came To Sona and Sona Put her Head In her Lap and Informed her what ishwari Told That She Has to Find Girl for Dev..Bijoy Listen and smirked he is happy
    Here Asha Said You Still Love Dev..jerks Sona Get up and Asked What ????
    Asha Said What is Relation You have With Dev?
    Sona Replied He is Suhana’s father asha Said That This is Realtion with Suhana what Is With You ?
    She Said Dev Told That They are Good Friend Only and she came To window

    Asha again comes to her and Said if he is only Your friend Than why are You Feeling This if This Happen for jati You Were Happy Now Answer me You still love Dev ? Sona is Shocked and Silent 

    Mamaiji is Fuming and Saying to Vicky That What We Planned Is All in vein
    Vikcy is Laughing and She Asked why are You Laughing
    He Said 1st time I am Seeing Someone’s Ex wife and Daughter is seeing Girl for Him
    She Asked You wont Understand
    He Said Just wait for My Turn Than That will be Boom

    Here Sona said No I don’t Love Him I Respect Him as Suhana’s Father But I cant Love Him There is So Much happened with us and You cant Expect from me to Forget all Those bad Things and Accept Him and She Turns But Asha Said “Jhutti (Lier) Sona Saw her
    Here Dev is Standing In Balcony and he Received Sonakshi’s Call twice and He Cut it She Sent message That I Am Sitting on Your Bike
    He came and She Said Hi..
    He Said I Said I don’t wanna Talk I want to be Alone
    She Said You are Alone and That’s why Maa wants You to Marry and You have To
    He Said That Who gave You This Big right of My Life She Said You gave me You said That We are friends Remember
    And Dev Said than Who Will Think about You
    She said I will Think About Me and Yours too You have to marry he leaned on Bike and Said Don’t You are Thinking so Much for Me..
    She Said No You have To Marry..he Said I cant Give that Place which I gave You

    Precap : Mamiji comes with Picture of Girls Which She Selected for Dev ishwari Said What is Need when this wont happen..Dev Told ishwari that he is ready for marriage Ishwari Shocked   

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