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  • Wednesday, 12 April 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai 12th April 2017 Episode 2362

    Episode Start with Suwarna is Crying and Tried to Stop Kartik But he Said No You played
    With Naira’s feeling and I Feel ashamed of But Manish cut off him and Told Him That She is My Wife and You Mr Goeka Manish Stopped and asked What Mr Goeka we are Parents but Kartik Shouted That My Mother is Died and You are….But Manish Pointed Finger and Stopped Enough but Suwarna Stopped him
    Here gayu and Naksh teased Naira

    Here Suwarna tried to say sorry with Hand folds and She Said Mr Goeka Dnt Know about this
    Kartik retorted that no he wants A Man For merger and Bahu for House
    Manish Said You are Blind
    Kartik Shouted that If you want to keep In this House than Suwarna have to Leave this House Everyone is Shocked

    Here Naira is Not Eating And All teasing that You are not Eating and Thinking about Kartik and Naira in same that had Kartik eaten or not

    Here Kartik Said He is Leaving This house with Naira Everyone Shocked and He Said That I promised Naitik that I will keep her Happy But In This House She Wont be happy

    Here Naira is trying to call Kartik and all said No So they Planned to play Football Match

    Dadi is Doing melodrama to Stopped Him but Kartik Said I cant tolerate This and What naira have Mistake in this He Hold her hand and Than Withdraw This and Stand Up and warned Manish That Don’t ever Think That I am taking this decision in Haste or anything I have decided Before but nit thought to do after Marriage’s next day But Happy That she wont be Blackmailed again
    Give me Blessing but don’t stop me
    And he folds his hand in front of Dadi

    Here Naira and all playing Than Mishiti Told That BFF has Come but Naira told No Joking But She turned around and Kartik is There Staning all Greets Him and Ladies Started Preparing Snacks for Him

    Here Kids and Mansi are crying Kirti is try to Tell them That he wil come but manish Shouted No he wont come
    Dadi cursed Suwarna for this
    Here Kartik told all that he came to take Naira Some Emergency has came Somehow all Agree and He Said I will bring Naira back and all Agreed and Than He pampered by all

    Here Dadi is Still scolding Suwarana and Cyrsing naira that She Did This

    Here Gayu Asked For Sing chand efore Kachori its Rituals

    Than Kartik Sing Chand and Naira looks at him Lovengly

    Here Dadi starterd Cursing that Naira Made my Kittu Fool But You Suwarna You debated me So Many times for naira Manish too asked Question to Suwarna

    Here Kartik got Opportunity and he came to Naira and put Keychain in one hand and Keys in another hand and Asked Do you remember this Key this is our House’s key and I took my decision Just Asking for Your yes in This Keys One is Goeka’s villa key and another ours Now Decision is Yours Where You wanna Go Naira is shocked to hear this

    Precap : Naira and Kartik on Bike Going to there House Manish Told Dadi that Kartik himself ddnt Go Naira Took Him

    Here Kartik stopped bike in front of Goeka House and Naira Thinks now how his mood changed ??? 

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