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  • Wednesday, 12 April 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 12th April 2017 Episode 292 Written updates Live

    Episode Start with

    Dev asked to Sona about Their Marriage and Dev told That We were so happy Just Perfect Day
    Sona replied But When Relationship break it Leave So Many Marks
    Dev Replied yes But We had That One Day
    Sona replied yes But Everything Finished Between Our Day we Failed
    Dev said But we Wont let this Happen and For Our Daughter
    Sona said yes My Daughter is Everything for me Dev Corrected Our Daughter
    Saurabh Feels ROnita’s Maang and Deavakshi Remember Their Marriage

    Here Saurabh and Ronita Took blessing to elders
    Asha Wipes Ronita’s Tears and Bijoy teased Saurabh
    Sona left dev and Went to Other Bose members
    Dev Threaten Ronita’s mom That You Remember?? Marriage Happned Now and If Don’t dare to do anything to this Family
    Bijoy Is tensed and asha Asked what happened?
    Bijy told That I want to ask dev To Stay for few Days as Ronita’s 1st day Sona Should be here
    Dev Is Sitting On Stair and Seeing clock Strike 12 He Told himself That Sona Your Good time is Finish because Its Dev Dixit’s time
    Dev came to Sona’s Room and woke Her and Said Lets Go to My House One week over
    Suhana too wokeup and Sona argued Dev said Sorry to Suhana and sona Said That let me Inform to Baba and Maa
    But Dev stopped her and Sona Agreed

    Dev and Sona and suhana came to dixit House  and Mamiji Yawing and She has Pooja thali
    Suhana asked Whre is Dadi? Mamaji joked he left her there than he informed That She is Doing Pooja There
    And Mamiji Did Pooja to Suhana’s and Suhana left with Golu
    Mamiji said Pooja over But Dev Said Mamiji Sona’s Pooja??

     Mamiji taunted That We don’t do Guest’s Pooja 

    Here Sona Entered in House and She Remembered her Grah pravesh 7 years ago and she is Getting Emotional she came to Swings and Sit on That and Remember her and Dev’s Moments There
    Elena came and shared when she missed Sona she comes to sit here she said I Spent time here and I thought I was talking to You We Girls are fool and we Left our friends For One Boy Now You came and I will now Talk to You

    Mamaji asked Suhana Enjoying here ??
    Dev touched suhana asked You have fever ?? Sona came and Told her Stop this Play and  Get rest suhana said she will after 15 minutes
    Mamaji Said I will Bring Haldi Milk and Dev asked why ddnt u told mom to come with You

    Bose House
    Ronita secretly Opned freeze and She Take out Something to eat she about to Eat but She Saw Saurabh is Eating and Ronita Said what are You doing on your 1st Night Ronita said That Starting something with Meetha and They anout to feed each other But Lights On and Bijoy asha and Dadi caught them
    Bijoy said That I won Bet That Saurabh is Eating something and I won But ROnita said Saurabh is With me So You lost
    Bijoy Told Asha to call Sona but Sacred Saurabh Break News That Sona is Not Home she is gone to Dixit House and Bijoy Fumes
    Sona Came to Search for Water but she ddnt find dev brings water and Told her That Now Place is Different from 7 years Ago he informed Servant that If she wants anything Just follow
    Mamiji came and Drag Dev with Him
    Vicky is staring Sona and she about to Say something But Vicky said lower your Voice in front of me and He Threaten her that Dev has Heir Now So Don’t Play Games
    Sona left and Mamiji came and Told her That I Place everything new in Your room even Kitchen
    Sona Replied Thanks For TAKE CARE of me Just like before
    Mamiji Said What do u mean??
    Sona called PK and Told him to shift her Luggage from Guest room to Dev’s Room

    Sona heard Dev’s voice Suhana What happned
    She Reached Room and Saw Dev is Putting suhana on bed He called Daughter
    After some time Doctor came and Informed That Sona and suhana have chicken pox so All other member stay away from Both mamji shocked

    Dev Argued with Doctor but he told him to stay away dev is disappointed

    Precap :Sona Stopped Dev to enter in House but he said No I wan to meet my daughter What is Your problem Suhana replied from behind I have problem You wont come in my room

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