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  • Tuesday, 11 April 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai 11th April 2017 Episode 2361 Written Updates

    Written Update 

    Episode Star with Naksh and Naira are in car going back home 
    Naksh asked what happened to you Naira Lied Nothing 
    Naksh asked Dod You fought ?? Naira said No Naksh teased her That what you both ddnt fought 
    Kya yaar 
    Naira is Excited for Going home
    They reached Home but Naksh asked to wait outside I am coming he Goes to Entry gate and Entered and Close gate 
    Naira came to Entrance and Took blessing 
    Naksh called her In and She opens Gate and All are standing in Mannequin and Message Playing That after You are We all are Just Like Mannequin Naira runs to Naitik and Hugged her than Naitik said Now We are alive and Kartik said Now all will alive when you touched them Do did Naira Touched all one by one and all Are Alive 
    She Hugged all and They started Celebration

    All ladies Danced For Naira and She is So happy to see this 
    Naksh took naira on his shoulder and Danced with all
    So Many gofts for Naira 

    There Goeka House Manish is Showing kartik’s office design to Dadi and he said Now Enough he is Working under singhania and He told Dadi to You ask him and dadi told him that this is not that easy Suwarna advised That we Should Talk to Naira But Dadi Said No Why are You trusting her so much But Suwarna gas strong trust on her Still Dadi Scold her

    Here Naira cut cake and Mishti asked why Kartik has not come But gayu said That good he is not came Otherwise how we will spend time Naira is Lost

    Kartik’s phone is ringing but he is lost and throwing cards into jar but No successes One card Entrted in Jar ad he decided and he standsup and Started Packing His Luggage His Phone is ringing and Naira is worried than she sent him Voice mail that please talk to me once Plz  Gayu listen and She stares her but seeing all family she changed topic and Seeing Akshra Pic She asked what happen Naira are you missing Her and Gayu told no need to Upset we are Here and we planned whole day

    Here kartik is angrily Packing his stuff and Dadi is asking Kitttu come down I am so Hungry Dadi told sulekhna to bring Kheer made by naira than Kartik came down with Bags Kirthi asked where are You going with Naira’s Luggage any Wrong luggage and what is this

    Kartik replied rudely that marriage is Over and Guest already leave so should me and Naira Who are Guest and we should leave 
    Here naira is lost and Devyani asked what happen everything is okay Naira said No nothing is good but it will soon She smiled and Told her to stay clam and we will success 

    Dadi asked what are you saying Kittu Say clearly
    Naitik angrily said That How many Times I told Your Son’s wife to stay away from naira and She did plan to trap naira in this Plan and he shouted on Manish that You are in this plan to trap naira that’s Why you Agreed for my marriage 

    Dadi asked what happened 
    Kartik told Suwarna to Say to all
    Suwarna cried and told that Manish Loves you and we all love You and Naira loves you But her happiness is in this family 
    Manish angrily asked what you did ??
    Suwarna cried told That I just request naira and she told him everything 

    Prrcap : Kartik said Something to Suwarna and Manish shouted on him that Watch out what are you saying She is my wife and we are your parents Kartik shouted back that My Mom is Dead and You are resposi…but Manish Cutt him off 

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