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  • Tuesday, 11 April 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 11th April 2017 Episode 290 Written Updates Live

     Dev takes out his Phone and saw 5 misscalled and he thinks suhana must be waiting for me

    Here he just reached and sona shouted where were you 
    Dev Said I Don’t Like High Voices
    Sona told I am Talking about Sona she was asking for You
    Sona agaim shout and Dev Said Fir wahi irritated Voice and he told her that I was with Golu he was Upset Sona crossed her Arms and dev left and told her now you want to Woke up Society with irritated voice

    Here in Bose House Vicky is worried because of Dev that he is taking care for Golu and Suhana 
    Mamiji told him not to worry I will manage to throw that Bangalan out

    Dev and Suhana are playing saurabh came and asked dev to talk with Sona about Ronita as he wants her to be best bride and somehow Dev agreed 

    Dev comes in room and Sona saw  him and he stares she asked what do you want ??

    Dev Told now I know You are Boring 
    Sona fumes and replied I dnt want you to see me because Tumari nazar Ghatiya hai 
    Dev Hold her pointing finger and Said “Pahle to Ghatiya Nahi Lagti thi”
    Sona replied That pahle Tumhe main boring Nahi Lagti thi
    They have Eyelock and Sona seat again and asked say What u want to say
    Dev Sit near her and told what Suarbh told her 
    Dev teased yes He told him This and Sona fumes Dev told her to wear some hot Lololo
    Asha came and asked dev to go to and order to Caterer and Bijoy about to lose his Cool but He Stopped 

    Asha sensed Something worng in Room She Asked Him Same Bijoy Asked what you want me to do Fight with Dev Or Not

    Dev came to Asha and Told her That I am going to caterer for order But Asha asked All is well Where were You ?? Dev replied her he went to meet Golu Than he talked Golu was upset and now I think what happeded to Sona But She has Suhana an dhe left

    Dev is Working With his head phone on and Sona came to Him and shout His Name But he ddnt listen he Turned and saw her and They have eyelock Dev asked what Happned Sona told that take this
    Son gave him Do to Do List and Dev simply Shurgged and Said Not to do List
    Sona said I already know Asking help from you is useless and he Said today is my last I want just rest and he told her that Just some more time After That My House and my rule And bijoy listen this

    Here Saurabh is Pacing and dev teased him but he said I am so nervous
    Dev assuered him and There Ronita is nervous too and Dev and sona both comfort them
    Saurabh asked why ddnt you saved your marriage same asked by Ronita to Sona
    Both Shocked

    Bijoy is lost and asha asked what happened but Bijoy Ignored But asha Threaten her 
    Bijoy Told her That I don’t want Suhana and sona to leave 
    Asha told him that only for a week but Bijoy is Lost and told her that Last time I dnt remember when she is away for one week

    Here jatin is welcoming Guest and dev saw this and he came to him and Told him that I want to talk to you and he left and Jatin follows him
    Dev Drinks and offer him to drink Dev taunted that You Think That this is your house Jatin Told him to be clear and Dev told okay so You were Sona and suhana for 6 years but I dnt have single day Jatin tried to calm him But dev told him that Tom Suhana is leaving with me for a week and there No one Allowed from Bose Family and Bijoy Thinks You as Family Jatin Assured him that he wont disturb him and his Daughter and left from there

    In marriage Saurabh and Ronita are talking about nervousness and jatin told them to be Quite and Dev and sona are looked at each other 
    Both are lost and glancing each other and Remembering their Wedding Day
    Dev is looking at her and she is looking down lost in thoughts 
    Suddenly She Left and Dev Follows her and sona is seeing rituals from above Dev came and asked Are You Thinking about our Marriage

    Precap : Dev Saw Time and said Your good time is finish and he came to her Room and Told her That your Time is Finish and we are Going That’s Final 

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