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  • Monday, 17 April 2017

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th April 2017 Episode 1129 Written Updates

    Aditya came and told Chandan To DO quickly Chandan Told all worker to go and Come after Lunch Adi Told them same
    Chandan told Aditya that I too want to go home early my marriage is Today He told Aditya that I will This very soon
    Here Aliya called adi and she shared her tension but Aditya told her to be calm

    Here Aliya see That Someone Throwing her Dad out of work and That Man Told her That You were in Jail that’s why I am firing You
    Here Chandan is working and Gagan go to Chandan’s Room But he is Not There
    Aliya shared What she saw with ishita and Shagun
    Shagun Said That You do Good Not to talk to Him and Ishita asked what Your heart Say
    Mani Fumed and Told Aliya that You took your Stand and Ishita You What are You doing
    Mani and Ishita have arguments and Aliya left
    Here Night is about to fall andC Chandan told Adi that work is almost finished just Switch on the liver when I give You hand I am Going to fix the wires Ashok saw this and When Chandan left her thread is fall on Floor Chandan came back and Told This is Abhshaun Now You Tie this Thread I am going
    He left and adi have Aliya’s call Who is Crying on Phone meantime Chandan called Adi name and Told him to turn on Liver in 2 minutes
    Here Aliya having Some Issue Of her Real father

    Chandan about to Fix last wire But ashok came in Dark with his Yellow Rubber Shock proof Gloves in his hand and He Covers Chandan Mouth with one Hand and He shows his other hand to Adi and Adi swiched on the Liver and Chandan got electric shock and Fainted on floor Ashok too got Shock but he Hide
    Adi hears His Shout and Run to him He Tried to wake him up But Chandan ddnt even nudge from floor ashok listing this have smile on his face and he Said to himself that You Killed him Aditya Bhalla
    Ashok left from there and Aditya called Doctor and he told him to come quickly and he is Panicked too
    Here Gagan and his Men searching Chandan and Ashok reach there and asked is Marriage over ??
    Gagan told ashok that chandnan is Not Here we were calling but he is not attending call 
    Ashok told him to call Aditya as he seen him with Aditya his Men Informed that Aditya called him for Wire reparing
    All men left for Factory and take chandan back  ashok smirked

    Here Panditji called on Home for Aditya’s Kundali and They talked in tamil and All Shocked??
    Shagun asked what happen ??
    Mani Informed that Some Problem in His Life
    Than Pandit Told That Aliya will handle everything
    Ishita frowns on this

    Here Doctor came to check Chandan and He Declared That Chandan is Dead
    Aditya is Shocked to hear this he is unable to believe this he tried to wake up him again
    Doctor tried to handle him by Saying That he is Dead But Aditya is Out of control and he tried to say to doctor that his marriage today
    He told Doctor that he just turned on Liver Doctor said that it was just accident You are Not at fault
    Here Gagan Shouted Chandan’s name but doctor told Not To Go infront of them he will kill you But Aditya Go There and Gagan asked where is chandan Call Him Aditya Unable to reply ashok shows his Smartness and Said I will see and he came inside and Shouted OMG what is This he came out and Informed that Gagan You brother is Dead
    Gagan Fumes and doctor tried to Stop Him Gagan run inside Ashok Smirked and went inside with gagan
    Adi too came inside Gagan asked what happened with Chandan  Aditya Panickly told him that I switched on Live Gagan shouted that I will Kill You

    Precap : Raman Said Aliya will be Shield for Adiya but ishita informed raman What Pandit Said

    Aditya hide somewhere 

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