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  • Monday, 17 April 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 17th April 2017 Episode 2365 Written Updates

    Episode Start With Naira is Standing on road and one Car driver asked Do You want That side
    Next Scene Naira is sitting beside Suwarna in temple But Suwarna Turns He Side
    Naira with tears asked You dadi and Other how are you all Suwarnn ddnt react Naira asked why are Silent please talk to me Coldly Suwarna replied What is Left for talking
    Naira said I know I ddnt told Kartik But I ddnt did it 

    intentionally she held her hands and tried to say sorry and she said I want to solve this But It get worst and Suwarna get uo and about to left but Naira hold Her Pallu and begged her Not to ignore me please talk to me once
    Suwarna replied I listen what you said but I dnt have anything to say just this You Two stay happy I never gave anyone this responsibility You Know Dadi she is Broken from inside all are upset and Kids are crying for kartik…just Stay with My Son never leave his side and I will try to handle all but don’t leave Kartik
    She took her hand left and Naira cried and Shouted I Ddnt did this

    Here In car Naksh is lost and his PA informed him about Some project and Just Got gayu called and she Asked Did You asked her and Suddenly panicked Naksh told her that No Naira she called ??
    Gayu asked what happened ??
    Naksh informed her what he saw
    Gayu Assured him that Nothing is wrong

    Kids are tralking That All family will think That we went to scholl but We are Going to meet Bhiay and Bhabhi they came to Phonebooth but they don’t have money so They Thought to take auto they Told Cab Driver to left Them there and Cab driver Saw them and their Dress and Thought to Kidnap them

    Here Kartik reach Falt and When Naira opened The Door he Said   You Know I Saw this Dreams So may Time he Came Inside And Started Romance with her
    He Made her Seat and Tried to Hug But She Stands up he Took her in his arms and About to take her in his Room but His Phone Rangs

    He ignored But Again His Phone Rings This Time Emergency Ring He Set He Received the call and asked Is Everything okay Dadi okay
    He hears Chachi’s Voice who asked is Naira there ??
    He Switch Phone to Loud Speakers and Chachi Shouted where are My Kids Where are Luv and Kush

    They Were Meeting You I listened in the Morning
    Naira said yes we decided but I told them that we will meet after Kartik came
    Chacha Shouted How can you say this   Why ddnt You Tell yes Just told No
    Kartik tried to calm them Down and Said Right Now we have to search Luv and Kush
    Here Chacha ji Panicked and asked Manish what if someone Kidnapped them ?
    Dadi is shocked and told him not to Say this
    Akhilesh asked manish is Rishab behind this ??Manish Replied But he is in Jail
    Akhilesh told That his Brother is out Manish Told that we will do anything
    Suwarna Tried to calm her But Sulekhna told all because of naira She Broke all person’s trust
    Dadi is Upset and worried
    Kartik and Naira run to parking and Kartik told her to wait if they came and He Started his Bike somehow and left
    Here Goeka House Manish and Akhilesh Trying their Contacts to Search them
    Naira and Kirthi are Talking in same Situation
    Naira thought to Go For Search and She Showed guard Pic and Told Him if they came Took them In we will be Back soon
    Kartik is Searching and Just then Kids Passed by
    Suwarna called Singhania House and mishit informed them that No they are Not here and Divyani asked if they are coming just informed for any rituals and KAIRA ddnt even informed Suearna changed the Topic and Divyani suspected
    Naira is Searching and asking people and She Saw that Cab and she Run behind that and she changed Way and come in infront of Car But two Other Kids came out but Her Phone Dropped Driver saw the Pic and Told her That He dropped Them Near Shiv Mandir
    Naira called Kartik and told him to go Shiv Mandir Kids are there

    Kids are Confuse that Where they live One men come and He Asked what happened
    Men Told them Kartik is My friend just come with me
    Naira saw kids and Relief she about to go towards them but one Julus passed By and They Scape somewhere and She Looks around but they are Disappeared

    Precap :Kush and Love are Kidnapped Naira and Kartik are Searching Both

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