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  • Tuesday, 18 April 2017

    Yeh Hai Mohababtein 18th April 2017 Episode 1130 Written Updates

    Gagan Cried over Chandan’s Body and Told Aditya That I will Kill You
    Doctor told Aditya to Run Ashok Saw this and Shout that Chandan’s Murderer Is running
    Aditya run by car and Gagan Ashok and his Men Followed Him
    Ishita Told Raman What Panditji told yesterday Raman replied That Means Aditya is Safe According To Panditji Aliya will Become Shield for Him That Means he will be safe
    Ishita Said That Not I mean…I mean Panditji said There is Trouble in Aditya’s Life

    Raman Said Arey but Just Like You are My Lucky Mascot Aliya will be for Him
    But ishita said I will Talk to him Once and She called Aditya
    Aditya who is Hurry and Packing some Important papers  his Servants is Saying No You must leave Your life in Danger he attends ishita’s call and Told Her That He is Busy will call later
    Raman asked What happen But ishita Said I think he is in Some problem Because he Called me Mom He always addressed me as Ishi ma Raman tried to calm her but She said we should Check on Him and They left

    Here Servant Help Adi to get escape from there and told him to hide in Old Haveli Gagan and his Men Reach and Beat Servant and asked him where is Aditya He Ddnt tell him anything

    Here Aditya is Hide inside old Haveli He Talked himself He should have Told This To Ishi ma

    Here Gagan’s Men Comes with Servant Kalli and Tell Gagan That he Told everything and he drags Him to there where Aditya is Hide
    Aditya hears Door open But Servant came in but Gagan pointed gun behind him
    Servant call Aditya’s name and Aditya Thought he is alone and he came out Here Gagan Drags Him Out and Beat Him and asked why you Killed Him
    Aditya Told he ddnt it was Accident But gagan is in Rage and His Men Beat Him Hard
    Aditya still Saying Same But he ddnt listen and His men Beat Aditya with Sticks

    Ashok is Seeing all this And Someone Called Stop all This Ashok Hide behind The Tree and Gagan’s and Chandan’s Mother Said I want to see his Face that’s why I came But Gagan Said he will take Revenge but His Mom Said yes We will take revenge Bring Him There I will take revenge But Before this we have to perform Chandan’s last Rituals
    Ashok Said “Ohh Raman Kumar Bhalla You son has Gone”

    Here Raman and ishita are driving and Ishita is calling Aditya but Phone is Not reachable
    Raman teased Her That You will Surly Go behind aditya’s Honeymoon too Ishita said I have some doubt and She tell She will Call that Servant Kalli and She called and Kalli Attend Call ishita asked him What happed Why he is Not Attending call Kalli about to reply But Ashok Pointed gun on him and Switch phone on Speaker Ishita asked Is Aditya in Marriage and Servant Follows Ashok and said yes
    Ishita told Him to say Aditya that they are coming there Ghaatpur
    Ashok Threaten Him not Not to say a single word  and he calls someone and Make sure they dnt reach here

    Gagan and his Men Comes home after rituals and Gagan asked where is Aditya and He Goes there with Gun in His hand Where Aditya is Tied to chair and Goes near him and put Gun Below his Chin and Said “Mout Ka badla Mout Apne Bhai Ki Chita Jala ke aaya hu aur Tujhe esi Mout dunga Ki teri chita Koi Na Jala paaye”
    He about to Shot Him but his Mother held his hand and Said No I don’t want to losse you too that Why I Will Kill Him and He took Gun from Him and Pointed on Aditya

    Here Raman and ishita are talking and ishita is saying that I have feeling something is wrong
    And Than there are some road construction going on and some men informed that Construction is going on You come Tomorrow they agreed and take back Their car
    Men Called Ashok and Told Him That His work is Done Ashok smirked now How You Will Save Your Son
    Here Aditya is Saying Same thing to His Mom That How chandan told him to turn on liver and he died I don’t know how he dead
    His Mother Said I will Kill You and Took Revenge for my Son We can take and give Life for love   

    And She Pointed gun on his Head and he closed his Eyes
    Bride’s Mother came  and Stopped Gagan’s Mother But She Said he is Murdered Your Daughter’s Groom he have to die

    Precap : Raman and Ishita are in car and one Barat is Passe By ishita Is Sharing her Excitement that Soon Our aditya’s bharat will be like this

    Raman Said I think we have lost way 

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