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  • Tuesday, 18 April 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 18th April 2017 Episode 2366 Written Updates

    Episode Start with
    Naira is Saying That I saw them
    Both kids asked men Bhaiya Lives here ?? Men Said No This is Shortcut and He Took Them in Room where his Men Tied both with Rope to chair and he infored His Men That This Kids from Goeka Family they have Jackpot but we have to Search Place because Their brother Stay near
    Here Kartik reached Shiv temple but Looks around for kids
    Here Mishiti and Divyani are talking and they have doubt something is wrong

    Here Those men are Talking Where they can hide this kids
    Here Love Kush Tried to open the Rope
    Here Naira Reached One Isolated place and She talks herself  That why I came this gali and She received Kartik’s call who told her to come to House
    Here Naira saw footprint and She Follows That footprint and there Love Kush Freed themselves and Tun away from there Those men Run Behind Them and Love collide with Naira and She threaten Tjose men Not to take one step and She Told Love to run to kartik and  She Somehow Run from there and Shouted Kush Who Met with Naira in between Road
    Here love Met Kartik and Told him about Kush and Naira
    Goons Behind Naira and Kartik Came and Fight with Goons They Fought Hard but Police came to arrest them
    Love Asked who call Police Kush said I Saw police van and I told them This
    Kartik asked where were you and Kids Told that We wanted to meet You And Kartik Looked at naira
    Naira panicky asked Do you think that This all Because of me
    He Didn’t replied

    Full family reached their Flat and Akhilesh and Sulekhna Checked Their Sons
    Sulekhna Told Naira that You are responsible for this But Kids said that No Bhabhi Saved us and She told us not to come alone but we did
    Kartik Supported and Said Chachiji You are wrong Naira Saved Both
    Kids want to stay more But Sulekhna told that They need to take to  doctor
    Naira asked them to stay for tea Dadi About to say yes but Sulekhna Said No
    Dadi Cried but controlled her Self
    Kartik Somehow convinced kids and They All left But Dadi come back and Gave Naira Shagun and Left
    Niara Cried and Hugged Kartik
    Manish and Dadi are talking on Kartik’s condition in small house and they accused Naira for this

    Kirthi and kartik are talking on phone and Kartik said I took right decision to Leave separate What’s Naira’s fault in this Kirthi told Kartik to Forget this and Just Make her Happy and Stay happy

    Here Naira is Switching off lights but Kartik is in ROmantic Mood But Naira is not
    He Said Sorry to her that Decoration is little low but My Love is Not He took her in his arms and Take her to bed and Romance with her (ahem ahem You Know what I mean)
    When he About to kiss her she Turned her Side and Kartik asked what happened and he sat on bed and Naira to sat
    Kartik said Don’t worry I wont come near Untill You comfortable and He hugged her

    Here Goeka House all are discussing on Gangaur Pooja and How media Posted and Manish Told to cancel this Suwarna Suggested that  Kaira will come
    Dadi said okay call them We will see they come or not

    Precap : Someone comes to see House and they about to move towards Bedroom but Naira stopped them but Kartik opens bedroom and Shocked 

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