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  • Monday, 3 April 2017

    Sona Admired Sleeping Dev Suhana Kissed on His Cheeks Kuch Rang Pyar Ke SBS 3rd April Video Wu

    Written By Jyothi

    Dev was sleeping on the couch, Soha entered the room and kissed him on his cheek. Sona was having her tea in the room and hinted Soha to be quite. Soha did the action that Dev didn't wake up.

    Next scene, everybody is on the dinning table having breakfast, VO said Dev ki khatirdari horahi hai sasural me and he's enjoying. Only Bijoy Bose is a bit annoyed. Everybody else is smiling and having their breakfast. Golu is also present.

    VO said DevAkshi tashan is still going on, lets see if this'll bring them close.

    Ae dil laaya hai bahar, Apno ka pyar... Kya kehna.
    Khile khile chehro se aaj... Ghar hai mera. Ghule gulzar... Kya kehna. (This was the song playing in the bg. Perfect for the sequence.)

    Shaheer small IV was there: He said its not the same old Dev now, islie Bijoy ko problem horahi hai thodi. He said iss ghar me atomsphere alag hai, sab khush hai. Happy atmosphere hota hai to Dev bhi enjoy kar raha hai.

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