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  • Monday, 3 April 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 3rd April 2017 Episode 2355 Written Updates

    Muh Dikhayi Rituals going On

    Ladies came and Saw Naira’s Face inside veil (Ghunghat)
    And Giving Her Blessings and Gifts
    Dadi commented that That Bangle in Her Hand I Bought for her from Egypt 
    Everything for my Kittu’s Bahu is so special 
    Naira has Headache and She is Having Hard Time Inside the Veil She Remembered How Bahbhimaa Told Her to perform every rituals gracefully 

    Kartik came and Saw Naira Kids came and asked what Happened Kartik Bhaiya DO you want to talk with Bhabhi
    Kartik told Them That Naira is Tired But She wont Say
    Here Naira is Having headache and She is Thinking to talk to Kartik for medicine 
    Someone from Ladies have Heated talk on Naira’s Jewellery with Dadi 
    Here Gayu over Video Phone Trying to convince Kartik for Somework
    Naksh came to ask Naitik’s Health
    All The Ladies at Singhania’s House  Talks about Niara’s Antique  and Remembered old Days

    Goeka House 
    One Lady Spill Juice on Naira and one her veil Dadi Told to Wash quickly and She Opens her Veil and left
    One Lady commented on Naira’s Color that Her Skin is Faded Color and Dadi Gave them Earfull

    Here Naira Came To Room and Saw One Lady Standing in yellow Saree
    She Said and Sorry and About to leave But then She Realized That Lday is none Other Than Kartik and He Became Lady on Insisting form Gayu and Mishti 
    She About to Leave But Kartik Teased her and Told Her That Now when Your Muh Dikhayi is Ober Please Do My Muh Dikhayi And All Kids and Gayu Over Phone Insisted her Now She Wont have any Option and She Little Danced With Kartik

    Same Time Dadi is Coming with Some Ladies To Room and Watching Other Lady and Naira is Dancing She asked Who is This Lady ??

    The Other Ladies Blessed Naira and Left Dadi came and asked Kartik who are You (He is in Veil)
    She Saw Kartik and Shocked and asked what is This And She Saw Mobile too
    Kartik Apologized and told Her That He lost Bet Dadi Told him to go and Change 
    Kartik Left and Dadi Shouted on Naira for his Wrong work She Told Her That You are Now Daughter-in-law of Goeka not Singhania’s Daughter and Now You became Wife from Lover 

    Kartik came and asked Was Dadi Angry ???
    Naira Replied That No She Wasn’t But What If She Would 
    Kartik Left With Saying That He Will Talk to her

    Singhania’s House
    All Are Happy to meet Naira Same Time Kartik came from Stair and He About to Fall
    Naksh Run to Him and Made Him Sit
    Naitik insist To go and Watch Naira All Tried to make Him Understand 
    All Told Him That If Naira Saw Him Like This She Will be Upset 
    Naitik Said Okay and Told Them to Tell her That he is out

    Here Naira is un did her makeup and Suwarna came and Helped Her 
    Suwarna and They Talk and then Kids came to Ask her 
    Suwarana told her to Be Ready at 7 pm 

    Naira Closed The Door and She Thinks about to take a Nap before Function and She Set alarm  6.30 and Slept

    Here Suwarna is Giving Instruction to Worker and She Remembered To See Naira But When she listen Kartik talked about her Look she Thinks That Naira is Ready and She Left Kartik about to check on naira but Kids told Him to Look forward them

    Aditya and Kirti came and Dadi blessed Them Manish Talked with Him about Merge project 

    Dadi asked About Naira and She told That I am Going to watch her is she Ready according to Goeka or Not 
    Scene Showed That Dadi is Walking And Naira is sleeping

    Precap : Kartik is Knocking on door and asking Are You Sleep and Dadi came To Him

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