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  • Wednesday, 5 April 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 5th April Episode 288 Written Updates Live

    Live Written Update

    Update with Episode Air From 9.30pm 

    Episode Start with
    Sona is standing and asha Came and Son asked Why You stooped me
    Asha asked what would You do Slap him??
    Sona Said No But How He talked about my Father
    Asha Told You did same Who are Dev A roadside He is Suhana’s Father He Might crossed him Limits what about Yours??

    Sona Felt hurt By This and She Said yes I was wrong but Not alone wrong
    Asha Drag Her to Room Sona Asked Where ?? She ddnt replied just dragged her
    Saurabh called Ronita and Told her That dev Stole jewellery ROnita replied and Said No He cant do anything and his Respect for me Increase Now
    Frustrated Saurabh Cut the Call

    Asha dragged Sona in Room where Dev is already present and She made her sit with him
    And told both That Resolve Your issue
    Both Said They are Not at Fault and Started Arguing
    Asha Told Them to Shut up and You have to Make a Team for Her

    Other wise i Will Take Away Suhana You DOnt want her life to be Like Normal Her Threaten Made them Agreed for Team

    Ronita came to meet Saurabh and She Told Him everything How her mother Steal Jewellery
    Saurabh Shocked and told her to leave he cant talk Right Now She Hurt but left

    Here Asha Left Sona and Dev in one room and They started Fight
    Dev Told her Not to Fight with me again
    SOna Stunned but replied you always Started 
    Dev said that he found fihting disgusting that they looked like husband and wife

    Both have argument and Sona left

    Ishwari called Dev and Both talked about Veshno Devi Tour 
    Ishwari asked for Suhana dev told That She is in Dance Class

    Dev came to hall and and Bijoy There watching Tv He tried to start a convo But Bijoy Shouted and Asha Shout on Him he complaint That You always Listen only My Voice

    Saurabh get call from Ronita who calls for Apologies to Dev and Both Talk like Dev is Feeling Guilty and there Ronita saying sorry 

    Golu came and ask Dev to come in Kitchen and Both came to kitchen 
    Where they Started Chatting with asha Dev teased her for Saying what mr Bijoy will do without Fight with me 

    Suahan ask for Muri Ghonto dish and Dev told asha that he will help her to make Asha told That This is Non Veg Dev Told No Problem I want to help for my daughter 

    On Dinning table Bose Family is Siiting and Dev came with dishes Bijoy taunted him that All are asking for out Eating now May he has to go out for eating 

    Here Suhana goes of to play without taste what Dev made for Her he is disappointed and Jatin Said Sorry as he Don’t Know about That You cooked for Suhana

    Dev Stand up and Asha asked where are you Going 
    He said No I dnt want to eat and he left
    Bijoy taunted but he tasted food and He made Bahana That we cant Waste food
    Her Golu came and asked Dev to Join Them in Dancing game as golu is Dev Partner and Jatin is Suhana’s Partner 
    Dev felt bad and asked why I am not in Suahana’s team 
    Golu replied That Because they know each other 
    Dev came and Saw Suhana is Dancing with Jatin and he felt bad Suddenly suahana slips and Dev asked her that are you okay I come with medicine
    He runs and comes with medicine and seeing Suhana okay he told her not to dance again she agreed 
    He about to left then he heard Jatin and Suhana’s talk Where she is telling That What she will do without Him

    Precap : Dev Shouted on Sona that Jatin is stealing his time with suhana and why he is always here What relation do you have with him Chacha Mama what Sona replied “Bahut Kuch”

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