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  • Wednesday, 5 April 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 5th April Episode 2357 Written Updates

    Written Update

    Naitik came and Naira Smiles and about to Take step to meet him But Dadi Stopped her and Signals her not to go
    Naitik came inside and Chachaji announced Now Newly weds Couple will cut the cake with MLA Pradeep and Manish announced aboutr project Merger 
    Naitik’s head Suddenly Spins and Here Pardeep ML passed Knife to naira and Kartik But Naitik Falls and Naira Runs to Him 
    Dadi and Pradeep Felt insulted and Here Naira Came to naitik and Gave him Support and Hugged Him
    Kartik too Run to Him and Naksh and Other Family member too
    Naitik told them That I am okay But Naira told No You are Not 
    Naksh Scold naitik That Why You came Naitik Signals Him About Gift 
    Seeing This confusion Naira asked What You mean By That 
    Naksh Told her That Papa is Not Okay
    Naitik Told Them to Go and Cut the Cake
    Here Pradeep left by saying That Seems Your Child are Busy 
    Naira and Kartik came to Dadi and Naira Apologised But Kartik cut off her and Told Not to Say sorry
    You are Not at any fault 
    Naira told what if MLA feels insulted Dadi Told That Its okay I will personally told him sorry

    And She Told Naitik and Other That If she would know that he was sick She Wont forced them to come
    Singhania Bid Bye and Naira Hugged Naitik and Cried
    Naksh Told Kartik to Take Care to Naira
    Dadi told Sulekha to introduce Naira to her Kitty Friend
    She Left with Naira
    Manish Told Dadi That What Happened Today Is Not good 
    Dadi Told That She knows but She was Quite because of Kartik But Now he have to leave His Sasural and Naira has to leave Maayka’s Love behind and move on
    Here Naitik is regretting What happened and  Naksh told him to leave This Negative Thinking behind

    Here mansi and Suwarna Take Naira to Room which is Decorated for her 1st Night She Looks Around Nervously Mansi and Suwarna teased her 

    Naira Hugged Suwarna and She Told Naira to Foget what happened In reception  
    Both Gave Naira Wishes and Left her in Room Naira Received Guys’s voice message That All is Okay at Home Take care and Love You
    Naira Reliving old moment with Kartik Same time she calls Gayu and asked Why I am so Nervous I know kartik before marriage 
    Gayu replied That This is The night’s Magic 
    Naira told Her That why I am feeling Butterfly in my Stoimach
    Kartik came and mid way his sisters block way and asked Shaun before enter in room
    Kartik made so mant Bahanas and He take out 100 rs Note and Told them that he doesn’t have money Now he is poor 

    Manish saw this and felt insulted but chachaji told him to stay calm
    Here Kartik did a trick and came inside and locked the room

    Here naira and Kartik See themselves in Mirror That they are looking okay or not
    Naira sit on bed and Veil on her head She is Nervous and Kartik came and Set beside Her 
    And He asked Her why Are You In veil someone teach You ?? and What more They teach you may be That will work for me 
    He Slowly takes her hand in His and opens her veil and he put his finger and Lift her chin and Told Him thank You for Coming in my life and he come close to her face

    Precap : Naira is about to eat laddu but Dadi came and Asked What are You doing Eating Prasad Before Pooja…Confused Naira asked Prasad? Dadi Told her that this is Fresh and Ever morning came from sweet shop and You are About to taste that  

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