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  • Monday, 17 April 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 17th April 2017 Episode 295 Written Updates

    Episode Start With 

    Sona Behind That Men who is Khatri She asked who are you ??
    Khatri asked Who are You to asked me Guard or Owner ?? Gaurd You don’t look And Owner You never ??
    Sona Retort I am Bahu…Khatri laughed and Taunted her That You come again after 7 years
    Than Sona remember that he is Same Men When She Run behind him and Collide with Jatin
    Khatri Threaten her That You don’t come in between Sona Said I will Do Anything to Protect I will call police too
    Khatri threaten That Okay call Police but Ishwari will see more Humiliation than Me and He left from there

    Saurabh called Sona and He asked about some Thing Here Sona Told Him about Khatri and His Threat Here Saurabh Told Her to stay awy from there Family matter suddenly Sona Said His Family is Mine Too than She realized What she Said and She Hunged Up

    Sona called Jatin and Told Him Same Thing She Asked Can we go to police but Jatij told her that Just Leave Untill ishwari come and Tell me About Suhana and he Said I will come to meet But Sona About to Say No But Jatin Told her That I will Talk with Dev

    Here jatin came and Sona and Jatin Are coming inside Talking and Dev taunted That He is Your Best Friend and I Know You have already proved That And Sona You Forget how can You invite Him when Your Baba insulted my mom and Golu Jatin about to interfere but Dev told him to go and meet Suhana and Taunted That You have Chickenpox Before Ofcourse You are her best friend She Must know This Jatin Left and Dev threaten Sona That This is my House My rule So After today he wont come Understand  and he Left

    Here Sona is Going somewhere in house than She remembers Khatri’s word that he Knows Everything She Said herself that Sorry aunty But I have to Do this for You

    Here Golu is sitting on floor and Dev Sit with him and asked are You Still angry from me ??
    Golu said No But I want to play With Suhana and he Drags him to Suhana’s room Door and he said ask suhana to sit near the Door and we will play from outside Dev said yes and about to knock but he Stopped hearing Jatin and Suhana’s voice Dev said No Golu we cant play With Suhana and he left

    Here Soankshi is Searching Some Clue in Ishwari’s Room

    In Downstairs Jatin is Calling Sona But Mamiji came and Taunted Jatin Vicky came to and Bad Mouthed about Sona and jatin’s relation But jatin Gave him earful that You may have muscles but Don’t have Brain and You are useless and Told to Stay quite and away from Sona

    Mamiji fumed and She Saw Sona in ishwari’s room she asked what are you doing her in Jiji’s room Sona Changed topic and Said I come To take Dev’s childhood pic because Suhana wants to see Mamiji taunted That I know what You want to do With help of Suhana Now Don’t come without my permission and You don’t call Jatin and she taunted again but Sona Said No word Against Jatin and my Friendship is That Clear and she Left

    Elena told SOna I want to talk Something
    Elena asked when You and Dev were Not At Home Than Bijoy came
    Sona shocked and told that He Doesn’t Know About this
    Elena Said that he knows But I sent him Back somehow
    She continued That I Know When You married with Dev that time All is not good Between ishwari and You but She has changed now everything Is changed and She Took care of me More Than Mummyji
    Sona Said Nothing is Goonna happen with this
    Vicky interrupted That You both are making plan against my Family Elena Told him to Go and Sona said Same But he Tried to Insulted
    Here Bose House Saurabh Gifted Short dress to Ronita But She Said She cant wear this Dress and She Said Sorry to him and Left
    Here Sona is in Deep Thinking about Khatri and He came out from suhana’s room and Suddenly About to collide with dev he Said Finally You have Time for Your Daughter Sona without argued asked Waana Drink Coffee ?? Dev Asked Coffee?? Sona Explained what Coffee is But Dev Said “Chup I Know What coffee is “
    Dev Said Yes To coffee and He goes to Swing and sit there
    Sona come and give him Coffee and Asked from when You started Sitting on Swing I thought you will throw this Just like me…Dev told Nikalata Main nahi Tum ho and they remember old days
    Sona suddenly asked when aunty will come Dev asked why You wanna Drink coffee with her
    Sona Asked about Dev’s childhood and Dev told ishwari always Kept Small Knife with her
    Sona asked Is She ever had a Enemy or something Dev asked why are You asking This

    Precap : Sona and Jatin are talking about something and Sona Said I am scared if Dev comes to know how will he react Suddenly she Turns and Saw Dev is Standing there Dev Said So You finally show your Colors  

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