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  • Friday, 14 April 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 14th April 2017 Episode 294 Written Updates Live

    Episode Start with 
    Dev knocked on Sona's door as he heard Suhana is crying.  He Gave some cream which Mamiji gave which dcrease the pain of body 
    Dev wanted to enter but sona Stopped him

    Sona Carefully applies the paste on Suhana’s body 
    For make this easy she Playfully Applied That Paste 
    Suhana missed Dev 
    Sonakshi told asks her to close her eyes and imagine that her papa is with her 
    Dev speaks to suhana from outside the door 

    Sunana relief hearing her papa’s voice and and falls asleep 
    Dev with teary eyes .. missed his Daughter 

    Sonakshi thanked him for the paste that it helped sona 
    Dev said no need to thank him for talking care of his own Daughter 
    Dev thanked her too for stopping him as if he entered he would fall 
    Sona said she does this for every one she loves or loved 
    Sona told Dev that I have to go outside you  keep eye from outside the door and send elena to suhana if she wakes up . 

     Bose house

    Bose House 

     Ronita is cooking in Kicthen and and Sourabh and Bijoy are Teasing her But Asha tried to Stop both but Hoplessly failing in That.
    Asha go a call from sona and she informed about Suhana’s health .. and Decided not to tell bijoy about this 
    But Bijoy Listen this and Fumes Asha tried to tell him That You are overacting But he locked her and Went to meet Suhana

    Dixit House

    Golu wanted to play with Big Cha but Dev is not in the mood because of Suhana's illness ,

    Elena gave a list to dev that the doctor had asked for suhana

    Dev went off on his Bike 
    Bijoy Storms in  to Dixit house shouting for Suhana 
    Mamaji and Elena tried to Stop but he entered 
    Here Mamiji calls Dev 

    mamiji calls Dev .
    Bijoy entered in Suhana's room and upset to see suhana sleeping with rashes on her body
    Bijiy has arguments with elena Mamiji and Vicky 
    Bijoy threatened them to take Suhana with him . 

    Elena tried to explain to Bijoy . Elena assures Sona would never let anything wrong happen to Suhana .Bijoy Somehow left and warns he would take her away next time 

    At Bose house 

    Bijoy is still angry and he shared his worries with Asha. He is upset and angry that he have to share suhana with the Dixit family now .

    Asha tried to explains that Dev and Sona’s relation was not god in the past but it could be repaired and God know they might come closer because of Suhana 
    .Bijoy is still upset . Asha told bijoy that dev was not as bad as they thought in past he was a nice person. He cared for suhana . He might not be good husband but he is a caring father and he loves Suhana so much

    Mamiji and elena have argument

     Dev returned with medicines , elena takes the medicine and went to suhana 
    Sona returned Dixit house and she is talking on the phone 

    Dev notices her and snatch her Phone and accuses her of being a bad mother , he tells her that You are  meeting others and roaming around on the streets . Sona retorts back to dev that She loves her Daughter unconditionally just like She loved him 

    But you never understood my love this was your problem always . 

    Suhana calls out for Mumma 
    Sona rushed inside and suhana said she saw a nightmare 
    She was unable to sleep .
    Sona asked Dev to tell suhana a story from outside the door 
    Dev tells suhana a story and she falls asleep 
    Cute moments

    Vicky and mamiji are angry arguments over dev getting suhana and sonakshi to Dixit house.

    Bose house 

    Bijoy told asha that she was expecting too much from Dixits 

    Dixit house 

    Sonakshi asked for ice water for suhana , ext moment she notices a someone loitering near the window 
    She followed him amd confronts him. 
    She comes face to face with a that stranger ...

    Dev ordered Sona not to bring in visitors. Sona said he was her childhood friend.  
    Dev ordered Jatin out from His house and he reminds sona the rule 

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