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  • Friday, 14 April 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai 14th April 2017 Episode 2363 Written Updates

    Episode Start with Naira On bed in deep thought and Kartik on couch in hall
    Naira standup and came to hall where Kartik is Not able to sleep He Sit here There
    Morning Kartik open Eyes and saw fan is running and he said loud finally we have Electricity in our house and he turned and see Naira is no where
    He Searched here in house but she is not anywhere
    He came downstairs and Asked  Did you sae Ma’am he said No
    Kartik came to Dargah and come inside and He Put Mala and Sit in Namaz Position and hbe saw Naira on his Right Sitting in same Namaz Position and He Smiled and Getsup and about to leave but

    Naira Caught his Hand and He Seat again with her in same position after That Both Tied Thread Together and He was Her Crying He Angrily asked What Are you doing and He Left
    Naira wished While Tie Thread that how Stronger I am Teing this our relation will be more Stronger than this and her thread about to fall but Kartik came again and caught thread
    Naira said I am Sorry Kartik and I Love You
    Kartik teased her Saying sorry for loving me
    Naira nodded and Kartik told her that Sorry and I love you too Suddenly Rosepatels  falls on her
    Kartik asked we have one life either live with doing fight or with Love ?
    Naira Said That I will choose Second one
    Both Hand and Hand came to flat
    Both reached and Kartik asked give me Key Naira said I dnt have I never take key when I go from house
    Kartik told if you dnt have neither I have what to do now ?
    Naira said she is Hungry and kartik said lets eat outside While Keymen will Make another key

    Here in Goeka house Love Kush are not Eating from Kirthi and they want Kartik at home somehow Dadi Feed them and She Promised them she will Let them talk with kartik in evening

    After Kids left Dadi told that I wont leave her either I will go to village or Aashram
    All shocked but Dadi said Ganguar Pooja is Arriving people will ask question but this Naira took him away from us
    Kirthi came and Told That Kartik’s call…Dadi is Happy But there Kartik refused to talk So naira talked and Greets Dadi and she said We missed you but Dadi cut call and told kirthi next time only give me When Kartik will call

    Singhania is talking about Ganguar has came we will talk to Goeka how will they Celebrate
    Naksh teased Bhabhi Maa that should I bring organic Soil and Bhabhima Told her That Don’t makefun of Naira’s susural

    Naira Asked Kartik will we make Up with Them
    Kartik told Her Not all only few and they will Understand
    One men cpmes with tea and Kartik asked That You told Keymen for key and we Will pay after Open the gate
    Men Replied no problem You always come here No problem in that
    Naira asked You come here Daily to each Kachori ?
    Kartik replied yes but now You Will make for me and They  teased each other
    Naksh saw Both and he stopped car and Asked Naira what happen You both here so early ?
    Kartik about to reply but Keymen Came and asked for Key ?
    Naksh Asked What key But His driver Said Sir Client call??
    Naira told him to go and I will call You
    After he left Kartik told naira That we have to inform You family its not possible to hide to live in same city
    Kartik got call and He told Naira That He Have to leave for work Naira said okay I will manage and he kissed her on cheeks and left for work
    Naira Got Call from Goeka Mansion and she Attends call and kids Said That we are angry from you
    Naira aske why??
    Kids told her That we are missing You please come back
    And They Told her That Kartik isn’t attending call Please come back otherwise we wont talk to You
    Kids told her to meet once and Naira said Okay we will meet soon and she told them how can they meet Sulekhna snatch phone and Told both to go to School
    Kids saw her Mother Angry and they decided that they will Ask Kirthi di
    Naira is coming back to Flat but her Luggage falls and All her items Falls on Road one day came and help her
    Naira saw Suwarna From otherside of the Road

    Precap : Sulekhna asked naira on Phone where are my kids They are going to meet You and all Shocked 

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